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My Name's Rory I'm producer. It'd be my job to identify an underexploited video on demand. Category and gather some creative people to brainstorm some ideas. This episodes pitches include a seemingly. Sweet Nanna running an illicit DVD smuggling ring a mob boss with a Shady Sitcom based past and one duty-bound mayors at pick action packed journey to the top of brightens tallest building joining me. This session is actor and writer. Judy McGuire low actor and broadcaster David Brain. Hello and author Andrew Hunter Murray. Hello Hello Today. Your category was gritty mysteries now before we come up with our own ideas. Let's look at what already exists in that category which is category with five titles Netflix. At the time of recording including your homework which was twenty thousand. Mark Wahlberg hit broken city. What does everyone think of broken city? I loved it loved it. I love it. I love Mark Wahlberg. I love everything about the Wolfsberg. He could do anything in fact. I'm convinced most films. Starring Mark Wahlberg documentaries Mark Wahlberg around Every single say he sees the same in every single film. And there's a really sort of warm nice feeling that you know exactly what you're GonNa get he's GonNa be talking about some fuck guy is it. We're talking about a fucking guy gets rid angry. I think of all of Hollywood. He does the Best Lustral. Work not always. Yeah when he was looks like exasperated he's flaring up his nostrils and can read that. He's a really good actor just in his nose is phenomenal. The Best News Acting Waldberg is actually all in Dutch Zeiss. And they call him the iceberg because ninety percent of his acting is not visible to the naked eye without specialist equipment. Yeah Yeah Film. Trivia Essay was about puff reelect documentary mark Wahlberg tomatoes. This description comes from. That's how you say words in a broken city right with injustice X. Culpability Taggart whose Mark Wahlberg seeks redemption and revenge after being double crossed and framed. So what is the mystery of the film? What is the mystery a mystery? Is you think you're going down one route with Russell Crowe's characters wife played by Catherine Zeta Jones having an affair but then underneath all that and more is actually happening is far bigger and far more sort of socially wrong. That's that's the boring bit. Let's face it. Let's face it was a cop. He's now he's he's seven years ago he was a cop. He killed a young man who got off from some pretty heinous crimes on a technicality. Reis Book carried out. Some vengeance left the force but didn't go to prison because the man Russell. Crowe helped him out seven years later michaels and back in in both appointments. Both Appointments Russell. Crowe's Mary's drinking sculptured about eleven in the morning. The amount of scores down in this between those two seven years does he look seven years the worst of age today. That's the crow effect the extra list yet like the apple juice budget for this film. Must've been absolutely mega so anyway. Crow pulls a minute says look. I think my wife's been sleeping with someone. I want you to find out who offers him. A loaded shotgun in the office. Yeah dog wandering around wearing pretense for the this. We tried hunting. He says Warburg's out of the fourth year uses a camera. Really these days low. I need to find out who this guys wife. And as you say Catherine Zeta Jones Talent onscreen. I've never seen a phone with such massive disparity between the acting talents green. The results right should've been multiple. Oscars you you and Colin are. Tomatoes are birds of a feather because his his one star review said Stefan. Get too big name actors step to add nothing else. Big Name Actors this. Everyone else is Jeffrey Roy. In it as well. He's amazing he's got Barry Pepper. Who is the best named actor? He's he plays the rival candidate. Yeah because there's an election coming up in a few days time and crows very worried about his wife sleeping around because if people find out as well as sleeping around. They won't vote for him. Which is the thing. Ever like. They've elected they've elected racist sexist but never like the guy who's yeah what she really. That's really strange motivation. But okay. It's got eight. Creditors produces and ten credited production companies on Wikipedia. The first one minute and twenty seconds of the movie is just Lagos. I always production did keep thinking I was thinking. This is a an interesting thing. That big little. Highly futuristic turns out. It's another production today. It also didn't do very well critically or commercially. Made thirty four million on a production budget of thirty five million dollars. But also that's not counting for marketing so actually probably lost about twenty million or something so didn't set the world on fire like that but do we think it fits the category of being a gritty mystery. Oh yeah it's the mean streets isn't it's dark. It's constantly all the time. Yeah time and say pre sexist. You know they've got some nice generalizations going on their favorite liner had from the whole story. Which was the bulldogs in up to his neck very very thick neck and he chief of police. The chief of police is threatening warbucks character and he says by the time of the election the mayor is going to be in a cage like a monkey. And if you help me you'll be in with him sucking on bananas to the Pretty Clear Tree prison relatio- but that's not how you eat a banana. Monkey would know better. Doesn't suck on a banana. No one's ever sucked on. The worst line is amazing. Amazing work. I don't even remember this thing just has a fight. There's no context toll in the street. But he's always customer show some guys Christie and that's very grits. Yes very good. I mean the best puzzle film. Is The actor. The guy that girlfriend is sleeping with the actor guy and his felt hat extraordinarily felt trilby that the lobby. Wanka Sir Denis people around the table to them wearing felt job easy thank God way too. High proportion fell sixteen trophies thirty. Am EVERY DAY. This is great. He to pray and walk. Out Coming civil works out. Praise swims goes back to sleep. I news then as around the Gulf. This is over for anybody else. Eats ten Turkey Bulls up ten Turkey balls? Wow if you don't like five Turkeys.

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