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You want the race to get Americans vaccinated against covered 19 is underway. US. Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams expects the covert 19 vaccine process to get smoother. We're gonna make sure we're putting vaccines and supplies where the demand actually is, And you're gonna continue to see these rates ramp up. The best defense is against the virus are widespread vaccination masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing everything you need to know at CDC dot gov slash coronavirus that expert help with retirement planning retire right with Epstein and White 85. Have 8564 80 36 portions of the following program will be recorded. Please is Heo Geo and K. M y I HD to San Diego. Live local breaking news signing Carrick a flurry of executive orders in the first days of the Biden administration, many related to covert 19 the fact that we don't know today, five days into this administration and weeks into planning how much vaccine we have just gives you a sense with the challenges. Dr Rochelle Wolinski, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Fox News Sunday. The CDC is warning by March Be 117. The so called UK variant of covert 19 could become The dominant strain in the U. S. British investigators Now with more data on its death rate, They found that it was 12 per 1000 will say. And then it went up to 1.3 per 1000 a certain group. So that's a significant increase. Dr Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Biden on CBS's face the Nation. The 117 already is circulating.

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