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That just sold us down the river so so anyway. The good news is that they are working on this. There's also individual townships cities counties that are putting together their own Kinda like teams and hardening their grid themselves and making themselves self sufficient. This is a real thing and this is happening all over because people know this real threat. This is really the only thing that you could do especially if you're not in a rural the area if you're anywhere in the city just kiss your ass goodbye unless you can get out quick enough somehow CAV gas because he can't pump gas need electricity do that. I I don't mean Anybody I'm just telling you the way that it is and it's a real real concern. It probably the number one on the list of acts essential threats. We have right now. It's definitely bind global warming or or anything else. Any of those people. Don't talk about it. I think they don't talk about it because it's so serious. And because of how quickly it would go downhill in a situation like that does use your imagination and think of what would happen to people. Once they become hungry after. They've gone gone through their food in the refrigerator than a week. Things would be back to the Stone Age so anyways but that was a really really good interview. I would highly suggest to go back and listen to that interview. There's a lot of incredible information in there about it What is how we can prevent it what you can do yourself? also did an interview with Anthony Peak. Love Anthony Got The no one really really. Well he was my first interview and he's very popular. He's worked on his eleventh book this past year. I'm GONNA try again back on. He works on consciousness studies and how the mind works and we also get into other areas. That people already know that I talk about you know. Oh concerning Hallucinogens and how they need to be decriminalised which they are starting to be and specific ones which can be used in therapy and especially to get people off of drugs Silla Sidon specifically for alcoholism Heroin addiction many things one sitting one sitting with suicide in which is basically mushrooms. Call Magic Mushrooms and a person can completely cured of their addiction. That's that's how important that researches but then also into Lsd in what is called D Mt. He truly interesting the intro to pull up a pew. PODCAST has the sauna fixation of a D empty molecule in the background background You can barely hear it but it's in. The background is pretty cool. So anyways that's where we have individual guests for things of that nature. I've got your the nearby Yom on. He's the head of the biggest think-tank in the US when it comes to situations of complexity theory to even work with the Pentagon so before they send any troops in for any type of You know these are special forces on any type of missions. He runs the numbers. He crunches everything and tells them exactly what to do. And what not to do based off of complexity theory right to odd since statistics six and things of that nature but to a much higher level. so He's another example. Somebody incredible that I was able to interview. We have thome time. Name T. O.. M. E. T. I m. e. which is going to be an audio book podcast and again all these things are again kind of falling in line. Fine with that immersive podcasting gaudio books. That way. 'cause you're going to be read by the author and then you'll be able to pick them up and purchase them at a much much cheaper cost than on any other platform guaranteed. So that's very cool. That's just getting started now There's just a couple couple of introductory episodes there but I definitely urge you to subscribe to pull up a pew and two thome time working also have a sports podcast Mukilteo by but with two hall of famers here Eventually eventually it won't take too long. We have some backing for our network here that we're putting together a these different podcasts. Which of course without being the flagship which everything will kind of revolve around again because of the need on a national level that we need to free APP up nothing gets made from it? Nick doesn't make a penny he. He took all the money out of his own pocket to create that application. And we should all appreciate that and that it is available and it's in used right now you can download it and you can use it right now so encouraged everybody to do that. Police police subscribe to the podcast. If you haven't already leave that five star review Explain every time to people it's algorithms and that's how we are found if people can find the podcast if it gets enough of the foreign around five star reviews on there. I don't care guys put just put something and then if you wanNA write a real reviewed is right one. Tell us what we're doing right. Tell us what we're doing wrong. That's fine I we encourage that but we need those five stars so that the Algorithms concert tickets up and then they can start suggesting People will see it and then they'll put two and two together with the phone APP see and then by word of mouth alone will be able to increase those numbers and eventually it'll be a big bell curve serve and then we'll have you know hundreds of thousands of people with that APP which means that in each major city in each major area. There's going to be people there. Air That are able to look for your missing loved one. That's how it works so please make sure to see it only takes five seconds to go in those five stars I for us. I really appreciate it. A bump up there to you. I think we got twenty. We only have a couple of episodes out. So that's that's great. Let's double that though please and again pass on the podcast word of mouth right now is how do everything couple of mentions ends here on facebook but as we all know that you know here nor there we need you as a listeners. You as people that have the thousands of friends or other people on facebook to pass on the podcast. Explain to them. What it's about that this isn't just another entertainment podcast for true crime? Explain what we do. How do it But that in-between the missing persons cases. That are going to be real time. There's going to be incredible When they come and and your involvement in helping to find that person? Imagine what that's going to feel. You like everybody for us to find somebody. You're to find that child on that first crucial our and be handing them back to their parents and that's a group effort so we would would all be responsible for that. It's gotta gotta be incredible feeling. So that's what we're shooting for But the game we need to have those Those five star reviews in order right now because everything is word of mouth and being found on Apple. Aw I o devices android there is. There is a star reviews there as well and on any other platform that you guys listen to in this podcast or any of your other podcasts and also download tone time while you're there were called. A SAUNDER reproductions S. O. N. D. E. R. A. Saunder productions. Obviously tiny. It's small but that's where these podcasts are. We're GONNA start to be listed as they come on board and trust me. It's going to build very quickly here after A little bit of time It's going to have to trust me on that. It's it's is going to get it very big but times on their pull up a pews on there were on there you may see the sports icon But just ignore nor that one that's going to be completely redone. Like I said with the one that we have the two hall of Famers to host a show that we have planned on doing here shortly so oh all right guys. That's that's about it let you go. I just wanted to update you on why it been so long since you heard any information kind of the things to focus on and in this case to think about anybody has information to please email me at Info at pull up. I'm sorry I'm sorry info at once was lost. PODCAST AT G. Mail DOT COM okay Let us know if there's any information everything is treated with complete privacy. You can give your name out give your name. It doesn't as a matter if you have any information concerning this case that we haven't touched on or that you know about because there are a lot of other people that we don't talk about. We don't bring up just not necessary. We only wanted to focus on the people that are directly in the detective reports. So that were again only dealing with the objective information on the case so nobody can say anything otherwise even even though they've tried to do so again in a very bizarre extremely immature Just like I said it was laughable affable. But you know it comes with the territory when you're going to do stuff like this but again on a closed case that's just one more we can add to the a pile of information of why. What's the point Y if there's no if there's has no issues nothing's happened was complete nutter? Horrible accident and I hope that's what it is. Then there'd be no reason to send an email like that from who. I know that it came from so and I had to report it. Obviously so that if anybody's wondering 'cause I'm sure I'll get emails. You've got a report that goes by. Did you know so. But I'm not worried about it so now as you guys all have a great day look for the next episode on the missing person that we're GONNA be working with the family. It's also super super important. Didn't any updates with jeffries case. Of course we'll bring those to you and then we're also going to start on some cold cases HOPEFULLY WITH PROJECT COPE case. I'm hoping to get back in touch with them Let them know that. We're back ready to go full force and get some recent recent cases through the largest repository of cold cases in the nation. Even law enforcement uses these guys okay and there are a private organization But I'm positive that they have cases right now that are cold but have a really good chance of getting solved right they. They just got overlooked or they're so many cases going on specific area that detectives had to move on to the next case. Just is what it is but we might be able to easily solve the case by just getting the information now getting people in that local area That know what happened or have firsthand knowledge or clues tips so on and so forth right. And that's how we get it done. And so those the kind of cases that will stick with the ones that have a chance a shot at getting solved and we will let of course project cold-case case or whoever working with make that determination not us. That's not our specialty. That's not what we do here to bring you the information. So the story.

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