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Like if like, I'm totally over analyzing this. But you know, let's armchair diagnosed buddy. Well, that's a thing about this movie is mental health is treated really in a strange and mishandled way. Where like people keep saying the buddy is insane. Or that he's coming in balanced that phrase gets thrown around, and then the doctor character played by Jon Favreau, says something like, oh, yeah, he's probably reverting to this stage of, blah, blah, blah, whatever just take him home, and he'll probably drop the whole act after awhile. And it's like, I'm sorry. That's your medical advice. Doctor, okay. Dr John fabric prescribes like love your like. All right, cool. Feels like a very thousand three thing that was very much age of like the secret. And just like just be better about it. And you'll be better, you know, about it. And this is such a because I was like, oh two thousand it is such a Bush era movie in general because you're like, okay. Well, everyone's white, and and they'll be do see a black Santa. We do see a black sand, but boss at the department store because they have to fire the other Santa who gets into a fight. And then he assumes the role. We'll thorough whistling every movie in those days. It really was. I remember like all of us joking. Like, you know, I don't know. I remember having like a joke with my friends like when we really tired from school being like, which we have whatever will Ferrell's having this is what the film majors. I guess, but yeah, he because he was he was in everything in those days. He he was in. He would be in like five movies year. And it was just this is this is it. Yeah. There's another quick point. I wanted to make about so toward the end whenever they're trying to prove that Santa is real in their everyone's in central park, and Michael gets a hold of Santa's list of Nadi people and nice people to and he starts reading from it on the air. So he's going through. And he was like this girl wants a pup girls place that this boy wants an electric guitar this girl one's adult cold Suzy talks a lot. And then this boy wants women talking odd. This boy wants a pair of Nike shoes this grown woman, which we talked about once a Tiffany engagement ring and her boyfriend has dragging his feet into commit already. So it's these like very gendered like where like the boys want like the tough, traditionally, masculine toys and the girls all want like dolls or mayor. And not delight disparage any of that. But it is again, you're just like, oh, we're not thinking above what the normal thing would be here. And then the one guy who they're like, oh, this guy wants a spa thing and it cuts to a grown, man. And then like everyone turns to him. And they're like, oh, you want to relax you. Fuck. Like to also the age of the metro sexual to that was the thing you like straight men talking about getting pedicures in in people magazine all the time. So it was a little weird. Yeah. But the one time that there was like, oh, we're going to like not add here to this like rigid gender toy. Norm thing is like a guy who wants like a spa. And everyone's like what if disgusting sick? There's a few moments that I think sort of fallen with the same umbrella that happened between buddy and his dad of you times where it's weird because with buddy once he's in New York, everything has to be like, well, there was a boundary issue there too. But with the dad there's times where he's like. And then we could hold hands, and then we can cuddle and the dad's like, no, I wouldn't ever could with mice. And it's just like very again, it's like the gender norms of male affection works with handshakes, and that's it. You can't spoon your son. I mean, the movie does end with with buddy sitting on his adoptive father's lap. Yeah. Never had an issue it. It was always very affectionate. But it was rushing. Daddy. Elm sounds yes. Like. Oh that was my question. Okay. As it pertains to buddies understanding of sexuality so elves how much are they fucking right because they live a long time. Maybe they're not super horny..

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