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Larry sharoni kcbs news time twelve thirty one cbs news special report monserf threats and counter threats by president trump on north korea leader kim jongun now have the two of them ready to talk about north korea's nukes face to face and soon details from cbs news correspondent moline a delegation from south korea spent the day briefing us officials about its recent meetings with north korea after thursday night's announcement president trump tweeted great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached meeting being planned it remains unclear why kim suddenly agreed to talks with the us bought with some thoughts on that by skype from seoul south korea reporter jason stronger his side's pressure put on the regime by the us and united nations sanctions ruler kim jonghoon might feel that now is the right time because he's already said that his nuclear weapons program is at a state of completion cbs news special report i'm tom foty for more on the story kcbs thanks jeff barrel impending rising spoke earlier with hohns chatel a professor of political science and international relations at yonsei university in seoul south korea what's your reaction when he a thank while it is remarkable patty in december there was still quite a bit of concern that the trump administration was holding up the possibility of some sort of conflict over here possibly some sort of preventative strike detriot just to north korea and its nuclear program so now that we hear that donald trump to self is in fact possible you agreed to meet with kim jong in one hundred eighty degrees then i think we need to hear much more confirmation frankly both from the us side and the north korean side that they are in fact committed to some sort of denuclearization of course there'll be press very hard and what they need biting thursday she looks and cut a deconstruct in a little bit of what we her here one of the elements that came out from south korea's national security advisor is.

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