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Not seeing while all of a sudden. Fury lives in henderson nevada. So what are we seeing more of this guy. Why now is he going to disappear. They did the same ship with anthony joshua and it just knocked out klitschko man. That motherfucker in the next wind should have been on every single american. Tv show that there is everything that they could have got him on. They should have been on ethnic. Josh was should have been on good looking cat. Big strong nice guy speaks well chris. Charismatic get people's appetite. Whetted for someone like this. Get anthony joshua known tyson. Fury should be more known than he is right now but guess what the mental disappear again except for being on the short stint with the wwe. What else has he done to bring attention to the non boxing fans who folded them that fury that did not want to do that is because of the mental health. Some of the things that he went through the first time that he's a little bit leery to get back into that lifestyle. And the might you know unleash some new demons. What's what's going on with that. But man we need to see some more. If the man isn't fighting he should be out there doing something and he's not doing anything so you know. What opportunities does he have to elevate the status as being a public figure that transcends the sport will number one. You need a awesome opponent and while dylan whiten out a wallin which those to fight in october thirtieth. The winter's going to face tyson fury. That doesn't that doesn't excite the average sports fan the my excite boxing fans especially but dillion white. Who's been a guy who should have been fighting for the championship for years. But he's been screwed one way or the other out a wolland already faith theory once in nearly got a win after opening up. A huge cut on Fury's eyebrow but if you remember that that really wasn't a big shingling ding ding in terms of interest in in of the the pay off in terms of momentum towards boxing in that regard. So what dillion whites gonna win or other wallin's gonna win. That's going to be tyson fury. Next opponent. that the post to elevate the sport that's supposed to get non boxing fans interested in that possible contenders. I mean you could be what alexander who said anthony joshua winter. Let's not gonna inspire anybody. Rather have that fight over in europe than in the states if you want more people carrying about that fight especially use sex wince which if joshua's going to try to box a boxer then congratulations who set. You're going to be winning. you know. Again i'll concede the damage done with the opportunity if joshua fury who have gotten together and fought this year when they had the chance. But who else is he gonna fight. Indie release joseph parker lewis. Ot's joe joyce those names aren't going to elicit any type of who. Yeah the world's stop the watch this so maybe if joshua usak then you know you've got to guide british guys and actually going to be fighting for something. The undisputed heavyweight championship of the world never should over in london for the ninety seven..

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