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Prob i mean they've gotten more done there's a lot of praise i here in washington for rod rosenstein not joining a criminal enterprise well it seems like a low bar for doj official and by the way he has personal interest reasons for that you can have criminal exposures well if you go along too far but but other than that low bar it seems that if you look at what nunez and others have done although it hasn't all worked at once it's slowly over time has been been grinding down the doj putting pressure on the i g pro putting pressure on people who like eddie mccabe may become witnesses against trump and any obstruction case absolutely this has been an all out smear and all out attempt to undermine the criminal justice system which our country unlike third world dictators is supposed to operate in a relatively nonpartisan way and in a partisan way you are not supposed to have the president of the united states ordering the attorney general to provide briefings to his cronies in congress was done last week you're not supposed to have the attorney general and the other senior members of the administration taking potshots at the fis courts for example this is all extrordinary and utterly inappropriate and i will say there is one person who is primarily responsible other than trump himself and that is paul ryan he has completely fallen down on the job it's his obligation to be the speaker not just of the republicans but of the house which is a co equal branch of government he has left muniz and place he has been a mouse when it's come to talk back to the president or standing up for american values american democratic institutions and this is on his head he may be retiring but when the voters get into the booth they should remember what is key is who controls the body you may like joe blow your particular representative maybe a great guy but if he's going to vote for a republican speaker you're not gonna get any change you have to look at who.

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