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That he's a fantastic grappler that he's a fantastic wrestler. We've seen him in there with Jack Hermanson and in our wrestle a larger, supposed to have been a larger guy and of not being in the wrestling match, but I think that his grappling in that fear of the grappling and wrestling is very similar to the Colby Covington Jorge Masvidal situation, does open up a striking. I can promise you this Gilbert burns does not give one shit about my grappling because he's gonna be right there with him the entire time. So if he can beat a guy like that, I think a Colby Covington fight is right there for him. But I think we can't put the car before the horse here. I think he's got to get through a guy like Gilbert burns first. And there's a fear in the unknown. And the mystery here does lie, which email. We don't actually know. How is he going to do with adversity? Well, probably pretty well, but we've seen how Colby does with it. How is jamiah going to do in championship rounds, four and 5? Probably pretty good, but we know how Colby's gonna do with it. So I do think at a full respect, we do have to say that Covington is still the guy to beat. If you just look at styles and match ups, we've seen so little of chimaev, we know he's got a good double-A, but we know Colby's never been taken down in a double leg. So it does tend to kind of equal themselves out and I'm not really to give anybody that's only had two matches against unreal components, the nod over the troop number one contender, but it all fairness, that's probably the match. And Kamaru Usman wait on that about two hours ago. Dana White had made a comment that chemia versus burns will be a number one contendership. Then the champ spoke up and he said, not so fast. This guy's got my attention when I got to deal with them. I'll be ready for him. However, I need to see him beat two guys that are ranked within the top ten. That's fair. And if that does hold up and gets the bump on Gilbert, which he's favored to do, I think that does make the Covington chimayo match all that more likely and possibly only Colby's only route back to a Kamaru Usman championship fight. Let me throw this in there because we're talking about the right guy. We're talking about the top guys we're talking about. The guys don't want to talk about Covington. All right, but let me ask about Masvidal. 37 years old made a lot of money in the last couple of years. You know, you had that first flight rules, but we had data white over barrel a little bit where the opponent fell out because of COVID at the last minute. They needed a big name. He was able to get a pretty damn good number from what we want to understand. Rightfully so, you guys should make all the money in the world. When you guys get in the ring and it's a chance you don't come out of that octagon. Definitely the same as your wedding. So you can't get enough money. That's just the way I feel. And I feel the same way my sports about the boxes. But here he is, Masvidal. He's lost two fights in a row. Convincingly is 37 years old. He's made a lot of money, where does he go from here? And before I leave it to start with you, chill. I do it and if tell me what more, I thought that there was a lot of guys he could still beat that, you know, he was good enough, but there's certain guys he probably can. But there's a lot of good fights out or fights out there that he can still win. I didn't feel like it's the end of the line. Off the cliff, that's it. I didn't feel that way. I just felt that he was in there with a guy who's special. You'll fields. One of the greatest things that Dana White has ever done. And I've never heard him get credit for it. We'll give it to him now. But one of the great things that he ever did is within our sport, he made losing acceptable. In the sport of boxing, if you lose a fight, you're not going to be a man of end. If you lose, you'll never fight for a championship if you lose 5 fights. You are a bum, and that is how they'll remember you. In this sport, the one thing that Colby and Masvidal had in front of their sold out main event spot of T mobile arena. They both were coming off losses. In all fairness, the biggest star on our sports Conor McGregor, I've lost track of how many losses he's had in a row. The second is George manswell. He's lost three in a row and the third is Nate Diaz, who's batting 500 in all fairness and MMA for whatever reason, but it's a very good thing when iron is on iron when we know guys are risking it and guys are only taking on the best. It's okay if they come in second and I really think as far as Mazda all goes, be in the sports second biggest draw to put them in there with Conor McGregor, who's the sports biggest draw makes all the sense in the world. I even think I've got the weekend. Let's do it in July and international fight week. I love that. Wow. Wow. I'm real close. Maybe you insert a Nate Diaz in there, but I think we're down to those file three who's going to headline that show. I think it's got great options. And don't forget with this new lucrative contract. All that contract and all that money means is he will be returning to a main event, which means he needs to get himself in 5 round shape and he can start right now. And I think he needs to get himself into a little bit of controversy. That's kind of the weird spot that Masvidal is in. He can still beat a lot of guys in the division. He absolutely can, but it's got a matter for the paycheck that he's getting, the UFC does not, they're not just going to stick him in the queue and start fighting people that nobody knows. It's going to be big names. They're going to be tough fights. And I'm going to steal one of chills ideas from the weekend. I like him in there with the Diaz brother, but I think Nick Diaz is probably the bigger draw right now. I don't necessarily know if that's the route that anybody's going to go. But that's got a built in storyline. If I build itself, he already beat Nick's little brother, you know Masvidal is going to rub that in his face as many times as he possibly can. I would have never thought about that, chill brought it up over the weekend. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but those are the kind of storylines and fights that mask but I was going to have to be in because he's got to justify that big paycheck he's getting. You think that they'll put Nick in. I thought that Nick and his last fight looked like he couldn't care less like he didn't want to be there. I was shocked at the performance. And even worse than that, is the reason Nick looked that way is because he had a long layoff. So our prediction, Anthony and I were both at agreement here that Nick's gonna get a quick turnaround. It's been the opposite. Nick has been radio silent. Dana weighed in at one time was about two months ago in Dana said, and I quote, I don't know if Nick Diaz is ever gonna fight again. Generally, if you're Nick or you're Nick's manager or trainer, you come out and you stop that narrative, you say yes, we are. But Nick lived with it. He went very quiet, so I do think that's a tough one. I think that's a massive fight. I think it makes sense. And I think the fans were would get behind it. I don't know that I'm bullish that it's going to happen. And Mazda isn't a very unique spot. And it's only Mazda and Connor and Nate Diaz that live in this little island that does not matter who they fight next. In boxing they say, the only two guys that could draw on their own was Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya. I think you need to amend that list and add Floyd Mayweather to it. But in all fairness, in our sports pretty much the same unless you're caught unless you're Mazda unless you're Nate Diaz. It turns out they're all in the same weight class. Let's start getting those matchups going and start having a lot of fun over here in the world of MMA. I think they're going to make Nate and Connor on Nate and Dustin. I'm here in that room. That could be. Let me just go off track a little bit here. Maybe it's more than a little bit. I don't know. What do you think about in Ghana and fury? And before I let you go, chill,.

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