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And i'm nick anchor world founder. Joel bells now on what could turn out to be the phony money scam of the century. I've learned i think to be doubly wear and sometimes even rude in my response to those special offers that more and more flutter mailboxes the internet and the phone lines so it didn't even cross my mind when i got a letter from the white house last month something. Nefarious slippery might be going on a letter from president. Joe biden said quote. I am pleased to inform you because of the american rescue plan a direct payment of twenty eight hundred dollars was issued to you by direct deposit unquote legitimate. I thought although i didn't like the program at all caroline iron not in what might be called a needy category. There was at least one other issue. The letter from the white house said plainly. If you haven't received your payment within seven days of receiving this letter please check the status of the payment by visiting the irs website or calling the irs. Phone number listed at the bottom of this letter already been eleven days in no money had found its way to my account then already complex. Scenario turned a bit. Nutty was talking with one of my daughter's dad. She said this sounds like a scam to me. They ask you to call eight hundred number. I hope he didn't give them any bank account. Numbers will ahead. But alex is a pretty savvy observer in such matters and i had to drop what i was doing to retrieve the white house letter and double check my first impressions this time through every word and every free carried a slightly different nuance. What if i had to think this was in l. Together soul trap in the end. The biden letter seem to genuine representation of what it senders meant to say. They meant to send me twenty eight hundred dollars. Their system just wasn't quite up to their promise that there was apparently no crime. Involved may be really serious. Crime or ethical breach is the one that's taken place right out in the open scam we may live with the longest is the anything but quiet. Transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars from some virtually unknown source into the account of citizens willing to accept them. This started sometime last year. When then president trump authorized the first two stimulus packages to counter the sober effects of covid. Nineteen it accelerated when president biden. Trying to make good on his campaign. promises added his support to the american rescue plan. The political label doesn't seem to matter republican or democrat. Who's going to say stop. You can't put that money in my account. It's phony money. I'm joel bills.

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