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News now i'm dan martin the attorney for a nineteen year old student accused of killing his parents at central michigan university says his client has been found incompetent to stand trial court appointed attorney joshua blanchard says james davis junior was found incompetent to stand trial march twenty third blanchard told 'em live dot com on wednesday that davis will receive treatment in an attempt to have him regain competency volunteers are needed to protect lake sturgeon from poachers during the iconic fishes annual spawning run in northern michigan they're particularly vulnerable from mid april through early june when they leave black lake for upstream spawning sites in the black river the black lake chapter of sturgeon for tomorrow and cheboygan county is seeking hundreds of people to monitor shorelines governor rick snyder says the city of flint will be released from st receivership and the flint receivership transition advisory board will be dissolved upon approval by state treasurer nick cory cory says he intends to release flint for more than six years of state oversight wants the matter reaches his desk city leadership would regain full local control under the moves and a detroit man found dead after exchanging gunfire with police following a crime spree in which two women were shot has been identified state police say allen ferris's body was found wednesday morning on the city's east side police did not say in a news release if the fiftysixyearold ferris.

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