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In crime it selling disproportionate on their own. The poor on the black. We must break the cycle. And now we have a lot of evidence events that those people have been proven correct. The US has the world's largest prison population more than two million people behind bars. You can't over state what the war on drugs did so black communities we've got a mass incarceration epidemic in this country more than two point two million again disproportionately black Latino non violent drug offenders. There are ten times more people in jail for drug offenses by two thousand seventeen. Then then there were in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty certainly one of the sad ironies in this entire episode. Is that a bill which was characterized by some as a response to the crack epidemic in African American communities entities has led to racial sentencing disparities which simply cannot be ignored in any reason. Discussion of this issue the longer sentences for crack disproportionately is proportionally hurt. People of Color specifically black people and the white drug users who were often arrested using cocaine got away with shorter prison sentences for what was essentially the same drug. We can't talk about this without about race and poverty We know for example that white people in this country are ten times more likely to use drugs than African Americans and yet. Disproportionately African Americans are jail about that. The whole stop and Frisk in New York City city The amount of police on the streets mid constant surveillance of communities and report after report. A police brutality. It's the kind of scene that could play out on any given day. In any city in America off the men in blue stopping young men of color attention and what that has is a real human effect on these communities aren't just numbers. These are lives who days as after a New York City grand jury cleared a white police officer in the chokehold. Death of an unarmed black man. The protests are growing larger and spreading across the country country including Boston and Chicago and now another New York grand jury. This one in Brooklyn is about to investigate the shooting of another unarmed black man so okay. So families are disrupted community leaders are gone and the whole structure of governments relationship particularly in black communities. These is forever up ended. Take your baby charged with the. Yeah.

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