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Fair, seventy five degrees in midtown. I made forty eighty rally today urging governor Cuomo, and legislative leaders to enact the marijuana regulation and taxation act before the end of their session. This is New York one reports leaders of the Senate and the assembly apparently close to an agreement with were to final proposal on recreational. Pot news could be really some time tonight. Meantime, Redmond Haskins spokesperson for the legal aid society spoke with ten ten when something that has been rooting for years stays across the country. They take an action movie legalize they put a systems to legalize ation benefits, those communities impacted the hardest from prohibition, so wet just three days laughs things including this Wednesdays. Weren't calling Albany leaders that's roll through sleeves and get this done if the Bill does get posted by tonight? Legislators would then be able to cast their votes by Wednesday police in Nassau County on the hunt for a man bay lingered outside a house, and Elmont. Allegedly recorded a woman in two girls to a bathroom window last night. They responded to the location on Harrison street after receiving a call from the thirty eight year old woman, they're saying a man was standing outside her house, making cell phone video recordings, the suspect being described as being in his twenties, and the camouflage short pants light colored shirt darks makers fled the scene. When news time eight fifty in ABC interview sit tonight for today, rather, the president remained steady and denials is called grow for impeachment, and the president invoking article in the constitution is what president can run the country. And that's what happens you. I run the country. And I run it. Well in the president, does it. It's not illegal. I'm just saying a president under article two it's very strong, read it Jeff article to read it from ABC news, also slamming, former VP, Joe Biden, calling the twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate, quote, weak guy. Meantime, an NBC news Wall Street Journal poll found.

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