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What a experiences in your life have you had that have created those police for you so again lots of inquiry lots of other yossi and um are there are times when your political party doesn't speak to what you believe in the other party kinda connects more for you and vice versa and it just deep polarise is those questions depor is it either or black whiteness to it gun gives a lotta grain us to really the reality of these differences they they actually took in two thousand ten they took a group of democrats and republicans into a room for like a couple of days in they worked out a budget agreement that everybody agreed to growing local divide and yes so when you get people to connect at a human level outside of their political uh identity um people can negotiate and were pretty freely so why the how is it is half hour i mean we know works well i right i mean you're right it's like there's outside of those kind of spaces where you create containers like you do for the men's groups they your creating the absence of those containers i mean the media a polarization and other polarizations just can't play out and wreak havoc yeah and it's not working and people are just probably going to give up after wound realize we need to do something else well dr on yeah now in this isn't change gears too much but there's there's something i wanna get your perspective on and that is as i work with guys both in groups in one on one i get a one common thing that comes up is that there's this sort of guilt or shame about any struggle that they go through as a man or as a white man so like it's like i have these problems but i'm not going to actually.

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