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Who knows who knows. I saw him from a distance. I okay yeah all right. I'm not the only person up. I'm not the only person. That's that that that that need to that need to refresh or they need to get something that needs to recharge. What have you eaten as insert any. Insert anything like that would add. Meaning in into that senate. It'll make sense. Did i saw the person disappear as i cool. I guess it's just me again. I guess it's just me again. And so i started walking down at way where i a persian by the time i i guess made it halfway started smelling something. I was like okay. That's a that's a that's interesting in no it. That wasn't the lettuce. It was not the lettuce it was a it was a cigarette. His a cigarette. And it's a this is like a non non smoking area nonsmoking place all of that. No nope no nowhere to smoke. You have to go to a designated area which i don't think there's any designated areas around so basically you just can't smoke there but it's super early in the morning and impersonal like. Can you do this. I can get away with it. Nobody's going to be up. Nobody's gonna be here is not going to make any difference. 'cause you can break the rules you can break the law you can break. Whatever were no was around. Are you truly breaking it. I have an answer for that. But i'll let you answer and we could compare answers later on. You can reach out the me. Virtually or digitally or was somehow definitely not physically and we can compare is what i think so i get up to that way and i am walking by and i'm walking by. I wasn't gonna say anything in. I didn't say anything. But i let my presence be known. I lend my presence be felt but he mean by that. What do you mean by that. Because when i was walking by and i've mentioned this in the past i've mentioned this in the past news. I'll try to summarize real quick like but you have some people that are just waiting on somebody to say onto them on eighty thing that they do daylight. I wish your mo fo would and i'm saying mo fo because as a family program. This is a family program i have. I have peaks. That'll listen to me..

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