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As we kick off a new year. It's a great time to reflect on your priorities. Were they lie. Are you focused on prestige and wealth and privilege or are you focused on doing. What's right even if it means losing everything you hold dear sometimes like invest case right wrong isn't always obvious fast. She didn't have the advantage of being able to turn to god for wisdom. She didn't know him but we do. In the upcoming days we will be faced with difficult moral issues and we may not have a clue. Which is the right thing to do when that happens. Remember while it may not be obvious to you. It is to him. So give it to god and let him director paths. And if you have to make a difficult decision to do the right thing and it looks like you're going to lose all that steer remember he is all we need. As long as we're following in his footsteps he will not lead us astray. Lord god we come to you today. Seeking wisdom like dashti were often faced with challenging choices. And we don't know what to do. Thank you for being with us and for taking our hand and guiding us through the difficult paths. Give us the courage to always do what is right. Strengthen us when our enemies gang up against us forgive us those times when we fall and feel like we failed you. Thank you for picking up from the ground and setting us back on solid ground. We love you so very much. In christ's name we pray amen. Back includes today's episode of all gods women. Have you joined us yet for our three week. Virtual bible study. It's not easy being cleaned. Based on the book of esther. You haven't it's not too light just hop on over to the all. God's women bible study group on facebook and join in on the daily bible readings and discussion. The link is in the show nets next week. We'll be focusing on clean estrin so much to talk about. You won't want to miss it until next week goodbye.

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