NFL, Reuben Foster discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


It she just she is done she's done a lot of damage to this 'cause that the nfl this crusade for the nfl right the nfl is in waters it should not be in it has declared itself moral authority on some of this stuff we are bigger than the law and i just don't know what you do when you get this you get one what you're concerned that she's she's telling the truth and then not no no i don't know i don't know the details of whether she's telling the truth or not but these recent revelations given details make it seem like she was lying before although given that she was lying before it becomes difficult to know if she was lying now the details seemed to exonerate reuben foster from what i have read and all i'm saying is that the next time this makes an appearance right then the very next time this makes an appearance and the man says hey she's making it up you are more likely to believe that she's making it up even though statistic weekly it's really improbable that a victim makes this stuff up but now you've got the added element of because the nfl has gotten so involved in these causes and because reuben foster is now a name that some of you only know as linked to this crime than it appears he did not actually commit what you end up having is the next time that this happened the benefit of the doubt gets just a little bit contaminated just a little bit diluted and it makes the next woman not want to do this because of what will end up happening to her which is already the reason why many women don't come for it makes it increasingly difficult you're right and and it's just so because men this sports radio audience is largely men and very often what you hear is them yelling and screaming about well what if it's not true but again this is the this story is a total outlier you're totally.

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