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It's gotta travel than keep travelling. Don't up yeah why not it's a it's a big world small world at the same time Choo Choo Choo prepping for actually starting were quarter a workshop in Namibia next year so that's that's Martin. Does Martin Mark Bailey go out there. I think Martin does yes not in does not does Iceland. Martin doesn't emit mutton does Japan which I don't do you so you know Japan. You don't do the snow monkeys come on no no no. Did you have a bad experience with no monkeys in the past few bad experiences with the snow monkeys and not negate them. I think they're absolutely gorgeous but if you you are a nature wildlife photographer and you tend to even though I don't anymore if you can beaten the realm of nature photography wildlife photography then you can't have them in a controlled environment daughter in a man-made environment and most of the snow monkeys come down to bathing those schools that are all man-made so even though you can make them appear as though they are not but ethically they're not in their natural the habitat or you could just argue that the planet is their natural habitat and there they just someplace also if if people want to catch up with you and Kennedy check out some of the work that you are doing and and see what you're doing with Arwa what's a good location for him to go to everything through my website. WWW ship the MED dot com I am on Instagram facebook O'Connor Panasonic websites but you can get to most everything from one central location. which is my personal website so awesome? Thank you for coming on. I gotTa tell you that you're one of the few guests that I have on the show that your camera and your lighting look as good or a better than mine so Mike Cameron look better in your wait. Wait let me see what is that it does look better. I don't have that uh-huh okay so double qualification the setup and the setup yeah there. You go very good. Keep it up. It's Alabama quality right and I tell you I mean I would say enclosing. Everybody who has shot Flo brame or has shut medium-format just do me a favor don't have to buy just go rent Renton S. one hour or Renton S. one two days three days with one or two lenses and go and try it out and you'll get an understanding of why I'm so passionate about and somebody said this earlier so I don't want to steal their thunder and not use the same woods but personally I've been shooting with Likas with Zeiss Ikon Swift Hustle Blades Rowley flexes you name it and then of course in the digital world with a bunch of cameras this S. One are today in my opinion and my I feeling is about the best.

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