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Athletics news radio eight forty WHAS after Kentucky thirty five thirty four buzzer beating three at the end of the first half of the second straight Saturday one last week was from quickly at mid court this one from maxi about twenty five feet out of the right side one second family of the UK when you hear the Kentucky Wildcats your listening to news radio eight forty WHAS Louisville time to take a look at our first half stats and they are presented by Toyota Mike Kentucky's first shot defense has been really good already eight of twenty six from the field two of twelve the three point line but they can't keep them off the office supplies they can't Auburn hold the night before advantage that a twenty seventeen overall rebounded but it's also about the seven turnovers the cats have had Auburn has five steals of those seven turnovers so you get a little loose again with the ball at all but it's been able to turn those seven turnovers in the seven points can't solely got two points for for alba turnovers that who would have thought that half the why this all particular really love to shoot the tray there they would be to a twelve cats would be five to kids suck you lease scores are Maxine quickly with twelve each Brooks with four G. saying Hey get the chip three Nick Richard just one point all of three from the field and three rebounds for all for severe dowdy leads the way with sixteen then you come to your four with five in Johnson with for Kentucky in the first half shoots nine of twenty three thirty nine percent but if you six five three seven ten attempts they were twelve or fourteen at the free throw line already got.

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