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American but he actually is american drive me crazy his and the the country of origin being a mystery just sort of adds to his whole like inigo matic persona he can blend into roles that way it works out really well for them to americans on game with owns and most people did not realize american so to say this guy can be literally playing anybody so let's talk about a non american a kiwi director tyco itt his next film is called joe joe rabbit and that movie has also found a new star jacob who's that that star is scarlett johansson which means this is a weird sort of marvel reunion between tech not to you did thor ragnarok and scarlett johansson who plays a black widow in a bunch of the marla movies but this is very much not hey marla movie this is a comedy drama set in nazi germany during world war two but a young boy who growing up in a fascist regime imagined his own imagining version of hitler to be his new best friend as he learns that his mother joe hansen is hiding jewish girl in their house so is such a far out concept what have you not heard this this premise before no i have not most of the imaginary hitler is played by tycoon not himself doing locate as hitler's he's just going to be like normal jovial tyco itt but with a tiny moustache i think just the job title at td i think the.

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