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Half hour. We'll talk to Talk about what the best sellers were during the pandemic and what the big trends are now for summer with the gizmos and other things, they sell their at apt, also some cool ideas her father's Day. And right after Steve's 8 30 update. We will go into the mailbox catch up on a lot of listener feedback, by the way, if you want to get in touch with us a couple of easy ways to do it. Anyone on the morning show crew here can be reached at this email. Bob Show at WGN radio dot com. Bobby's show at WGN radio dot com and you want to text us It's the same as the phone number. 312981 72 103 12. 9817200 and let's see. What else did I want to mention here of where we have a minute? Maybe we'll get in a moment of Zen. Today before we, uh, split at nine o'clock. We'll see about that. But I'm looking at all these messages we have in the mailbox and, uh, that's going to take a little time. But Always fun to find out what's on the listeners minds. Now let's find out what's on Steve's mine. 76 degrees had a 30. Good morning. I'm Steve Rickey addicts. The news is sponsored by riverboat twilight dot com. A fatal crash in northwest Indiana, connected to a police chase tough sledding for the Cubs out West Sox host the Blue Jay in business. Global stocks are mixed this morning and the U. S opening bell ringing right now we expect at least two of the averages to open higher, possibly the Dow and the NASDAQ. Now an update on WGN traffic and for that, here's Vicki Cuckoos, Ian. Good morning. This traffic report is sponsored by plumbers 911 Chicago Plumbers. 911 wants to keep your family healthy during these unprecedented times, contact plumbers 911 at 833 Plum 911 for information on touchless faucets and toilets. Another way to help safeguard your family from Covid 19. Struggling to recover on North found 55 approaching Webber Road, all because of an earlier crash. Also police and crews on scene to clear crash in the Warrenville area that's at route 59 in Batavia, and in ST John. Indiana. Will have more information on that U S 41 still close in either direction between 2 31 and 97th Lane. I'm Vicky Conclusion. WGN Traffic Central. We have more on that story as our top story here at 8 30, a police chase that apparently started in dire ended up in a deadly crash near.

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