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A look through the Sunday kickoff. Typical new castle taking on Sheffield United Jason. Show the prices and you pick it, but he's not. Yet Newcastle twelve four draw to one and Sheffield United Four. For me, be looking for Sheffield United after see how to get against Aston Villa Castle of forty points more than expected his. Position in the table it's just falls should be actually bought Matab legal on performances to go scores. Don Shula said we were all just really poor, whereas Shefa tonight can actually rotates. To switch between on eight four strikers doesn't really lesson to strengthen the team debris in the Sandra bargains, whereas the more options in midfield so chef. Can Rotate. There'd be bit more up to speed after the game against, so I'd be decided Sheffield. United flights for. or Going with the blade series well two main reasons Newcastle looking at a lot of uncertainty around him at the moment, particularly over Steve Bruce Greece's future of this takeover at goes through at the other side of the code is while note that Sheffield united with fuming to home to counselor in the season is controversial. Jonjo, show Vigo often they'll be up for revenge here and I. Think they're good back. A clean sweep coming up mark. Just again, just check region, or is this just? How few goals they scored just. Doesn't make me want to Lumberton them I just felt the draw nuke also are. Actually home. They don't be free sides of one. Some changes part the season. We should deserve respect I. Think is not being very pretty. You sometimes wonder how they manage to do it. but of course shift on. A against number away match for them. off the Wednesday united as well in mid week saw A. Periods of Full Kris, Waldron and I'm not sure about this. What he likes very settled stall in team discount, PAT fixture this my work against him. Okay. Put a cool to possible. On Sunday, Villa Against Chelsea Jason Prices I'm thoughts had. Asked and truly Chelsea wants to. We've already hotter, Chabot Ovilla and Just a Chai pretty quickly. Both Chelsea, two or three points ahead tonight in terms of the tough, full or the plastic and villa, and then mindset whereas place bars in his market. Would probably play a what is tire. Sheffield United I. Think if you're not are level on points to Chelsea after those two games. I think these are ruins would make favorites to get tough forward ahead of Chelsea. Chelsea in terms of next season have a lot look forward to in terms of Warrener and audio law list. So this game has copd Don against. Sheffield united and see what price traffic off happened got strong pick. Let's see. ON AGAINST SHEPHERDS NATE I. Wore. I'm I'm interested to see how Chelsea react to all talk. Talkative Verte, joining the end of the season I just wonder what impact that might have on some of the current squads. And some of them know you'll be out of the door as well so that will be interesting to say. I'm a sucker for a big price to villain solar fights to wall and thought. And a game where you know, they probably will need to get something out of it. It's about against relegation. Maybe a bit more realistic village people chances six, two, four overall. You'd expect Chelsea to win by. Just think that a look a big price. And he response say. Not Really just offing. Mean Chelsea probably all safe enough for the actors, just because Villa look at the results, defensive performances against the big signs, an just no good. You know that full one four near against Leicester conceded free in that two games against Tottenham free against all snow six against Man City defend well. Chelsea first game back. Think that will help them. Get prepare building the Wednesday game I I tend to think at the moment the last fold so Chelsea probably Siphon off the actors. Good stuff and I'm sure this is probably the one that will be and for advocate against liberal seven PM Sunday on skoll spoiled that we come to Liverpool. Five half us more on this massive. It is huge. I, think the one stop that stands out to me. Jack is the Father Everton. Beat Liverpool in ten years, which is incredible, really think about twenty one games in all competitions now since have it's last beat Liverpool I would've thought that Everton. Have Fancy their chances how to admit a packed house at Goodison and the prospect of of scuppering little at for the week in terms of winning the title, but I think the fact that it's going to be an empty. Empty Stadium Ready plays into Liverpool's Hans here. Yes, Evanston of improved on Zerkalo Chelsea, but when you've seen them play against teams that are above them in the table fell to Bateman likes of hostile Monday nights than Chelsea in recent times. They're not maybe quite up. Top Six. Standard is yet Liverpool of course will want to finish the season high enough nothing bathroom shoulder when the title. Rivals. AMD. Saudi-omani scored three in the last four primarily gaze before the break. You might remember him a couple of seasons ago. Score the winner Goodison. He's eleven to ten to score anytime. which is is worth. Watching also wants to watch as well. I think it's fair to say the league's most dramatic referee. Is Give us gay. He's a traumatic found as well so for Mosey side Dobley Mike Dean will be yet manning charge. A penalty to be awarded by the way which is not an unusual digging Mosey side notices six four which go go back. Grind Stock Day while black and Jackson built. Yet the prices, every ninety to Detroit treat one liberal four seven..

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