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You, know I think the some of the pollsters have tried to address that since two thousand, sixteen error when they called those battleground states wrong and they had hillary up by several points going into the election and then she lost those states by. It's going to depend a lot on. You know how accurate these calls How accurate these balls are and the map also can change. We've got to keep that in mind too I mean though the state that looks closest to joining the battleground crew is Minnesota has stoically a democratic state and trump did not win Minnesota in two thousand sixteen but he lost it by only about forty five thousand votes and I. It's conceivable that he could make that up this year. And another thing we should keep in mind cameras that they're still still eight weeks to the election. I mean what could change between now and November third could we have a couple more months of really nice jobs numbers have the trump administration announcing that it's approving a covert vaccine those are those things that could change the dynamic or there are other things that you'd have in mind. No? Definitely, there are lots of things that could change the dynamic number one. I, think is going to be the question of how prominent Corona Virus continues to be as daily theme only because remember Democrats made very clear all the way months ago that that was going to be their number one campaign tactic against Donald Trump they were going to say he was responsible for us in fact, responsible for lives lost I still remember Barack Obama during the Democratic convention blaming one hundred and seventy thousand deaths directly on. Donald. Trump, which is bizarre the idea that one politician has ability to stop a germ racing through a country, but that was going to be their main. Strategy against him now, we've seen the second wave begin to recede in the south. And southwest and the question of course, do you have yet another one If you look at places like New York, which has largely continued to go along without seeing a resurgence there is some hope out there among people that maybe herd immunity is a little lower than we thought or there's some aspect of this bias we don't understand, but there's a potential that it. Begins to recede as a daily drumbeat of news that gives Donald Trump the ability to talk more on the economy and the recovery We had some great jobs numbers that came out last week d other big thing that I and the other big thing that I think you potentially could be a big changer and we'll see as the debates that are coming up. This is going to be an opportunity to for the country for the first time..

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