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Yes. Welcome back to the Magic mechanic Show on Wdbo 173 FM and am 5 80, Orlando's news and talk 8445809326 is the number 844580 Wdbo. Go ahead and give us a call right now. Phone lines are open 84458093 to 6 to Ted calling in from you, Mattila, Ted. Go ahead with your question for Larry Perry. Hey, Larry. Thanks for taking my call. Hey, no problem. Of 7 2000 and five told you that forerunner yesterday. Nice Hot day I got in it and the air conditioning. Was heater was dead. Uh, I was checking trying to check the fuses in the Relays today. I figured it might have been a relay because it had momentarily failed once before I recycled it. And it came back on. But Yesterday. Today. It's better not they'll power at all. Okay. Now does the blower work? Nope. Okay? Well, then what? What you'll wind up needing to do is check your fuses. Check all the fuse. Um if the fuses are all good and the blowers not coming on Uh, it may have burn up the resistor for the blower itself. Uh, the resistor is what actually controls the fan speeds and those those Yeah, Those can go bad and cause you to have no blower. If that, if that if that goes bad, a lot of times it will prevent the compressor from being able to come on as well. So You know, I would say you probably got a blown fuse for the blower or either the resistor itself has failed is probably what's happened, especially if it become intermittent there for a little bit. Now, I will tell you another thing to Ted that usually you start having issues like this. When a blower motor starts wearing out because what happens is it will start drawing. You know, excessive amperage? Uh, just simple due to the simple fact is just getting old, you know, And when they start pulling too many amps, it'll either blow a fuse or cause the resistor itself. You know to go bad. So, you know, get those checked out. Um, checked for the fuses. Check the resistor. Um And, uh, you know, you can always take a blower motor and actually power it up manually. Just run your ground to it. The power where? See if it works, Okay, but Usually if you're going to replace a resistor due to it going bad, usually your it's a good idea to replace the blower motor at the same time, if not, history will probably repeat itself. But if you need any help with it, you know where we're at. I appreciate the call. Appreciate that call. Yeah. Good stuff there. Tim. Ted, let's keep rolling right along and we are going to talk with Mark. Let's go to mark He's calling in from right here in Orlando. Mark. Welcome to the show. What's your question for Larry Perry? Had 97 Chevy Silverado replace the bearings, broader caliber pads and all that around still getting real hard. Okay. You replace the brake hoses to Now the house is I did not. Okay. You know, they swell up internally and they'll let flood go. They'll let fluid go to the calipers. But when you take your foot off the brake pedal, it won't let the fluid return back. Now both houses doing the same thing at the same time. I'm not buying that. Is it both front wheels that are getting hot. No, just the driver site. Okay, well, then we're probably on I would replace both front brake hoses. Yes, because see over Tom. Those brake hoses will swell up internally and they will act as a valve. Believe it or not. Your force and brake fluid into that caliber. And what happens is you take your foot off the brakes and the fluid won't return back out of the caliber, and it'll just keep pressure against it. And.

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