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On patriotic membership and Yeah. Lots of fun. Lots of perks. Lots cool. Stuff. Got Some mugs that I'm working on in the merchandise department as well with our ugly mugs on the Mug. I got some merch for you, Stevie. Get some suspense stuff for you. Just real. Nice. Thank you. I. Modeled I modeled it a little while ago. A couple of days ago. Didn't you see me model on social media? No no no. Go back and look no. Yeah. We show any final thoughts today old Stevie I do. I do have some final thoughts really you don't just started the last couple of days Steve What and you'll remember this from a year ago. The world snooker champion now, my God, I'm Sharon for the rocket. Stevie in the bubble rock-. Rocket Ronnie Elia Inda Sheffield. Steve is where it's played in the crucible Steve The khanate crucible thin and shuffled England Nice. You'll fans no fans allowed. Have they got computer generated fans freaking out because? He put that that seven ball in the side pocket. No, not snooker Steve Don't bastardize the tournament whatever it's not Boston balls or eight ball or nine ball that booker. Members you're right. Bone up a little bit for you call yourself a sports. person. You look into that world snooker. All right fair enough. I'm going to bring a snooker fact. Okay. At one fact today Steve. Go like this. You're kidding me Ray. Okay. It's not GonNa be a lame duck snooker fat. Okay. So if I told you the guys won five World Championship Steve Okay. Ronnie O'Sullivan. Shoots both ways. Right, handed and left handed in competition every single game all day long. What would you say that? It goes both ways. Okay. Good. The rocket I told you supposed to say you gotTa go you're kidding me. No I I wasn't that. Shoots both ways. Look. What do you mean? He's done. That's like a hockey player shooting both ways Steve. Okay. It's like I'm stickhandling reversing his hands going down the ice. All right. What do you think? It's awesome. We'll try we'll try it against. Your cutting a Mon with ecstasy this guy. Guy Plays both way steven shoot with either have shoots shoot. Can hold a Q. flip-flop either way down or right and what's. Good night everybody. We'll see you. Got? A. Long Week ahead you're kidding me..

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