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And you know, this is a race. We went. Tell us about Barbara Comstock. You know what? Honestly, this is where you have two great candidates. Look, you know. What to say about Barbara Comstock has been has been said by no one. No, I look. I think that the the simplest way to view Barbara Comstock is she voted for the Paul, Ryan tax cuts, and now she is trying to campaign on MS thirteen. She has yet another one of these Republicans who campaign on what they believe on to believe into. They're trying to rile up the base and scare people into into turning into turning out based on, you know, fearmongering imigrants. It didn't work for a glass be it didn't work in this specific district in that race. You know what? That's all I want to contract because I don't think we're going to know very much about. Your your initial joke is right though. I mean, I think most Democrats in Virginia would say like, she's pretty popular. She's a good job showing up in the district doing constituent services, but if this is a referendum on Trump people like Barbara Comstock are going to go down. And so it's one to watch. Yeah. I mean, one number you need to know is she has supported Trump on nearly ninety eight percent of votes. So she is lockstep in line with Donald Trump, even though this entire campaign, you can bet that Barbara Comstock is running around Virginia saying, oh no, I'm an independent voice. I'm not. You know, I don't fall in line with the party. It's bullshit. Her record just tells you other us. The other big factor Virginia's got Corey Stewart, who's a Neo confederate Republican running for Senate, so that will likely not give, you know, Democrats in Comstock district, these more likely to be swing, voter, type Republicans, any desire to go out and vote for him. Yeah, that's true. That's true. Okay. So we have give it some careful consideration. And here fame America. We have decided after a lot of thought that we are going to endorse Jennifer Weck Ston. We've done it redid hours of meetings at the site. It really guys. It was touching. Okay. When we come back, we will have our interview with president..

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