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It is the greatest. Like i was actually offended. Didn't win like i love shits creek. But i think ted laso should have won. It is just so. I agree that you feel good show. People haven't seen it. It's not about sports. It's about love self-doubt believing in yourself. This guy going through divorce which is like super interesting. Because like jason technically is going through one like irl and he. I shared on the show that he basically based his character off. Robin williams characters like genie in aladdin. His character and good thing. Yeah and when you think about it he was like i wanted to create a male character that had a very high q. And celebrated the divine feminine. And like you know how the three of us we just love and stuff like. It's we don't get male characters like that. You know what i mean like. I'm kinda seeing that rain. Yeah i can see that. I think what i like about it more than all the other. Show the comedy shows. It's so unique. Like i've never seen anything like it when you start. You have no idea what you're watching or what you're in for. I put the first episode on for my mom. I'm like just watch and she's like. I don't know about soccer. I know right she that bitch. Finishing tired season in one day really day after the first episode i was like that's very cute but i wasn't super compelled to watch as we watch the whole season and like and it's so cool because it's just about like like i said relationships it's so much more than just like a soccer show. I liked the fact that there was like no snark to eight. Because i feel like comedies. These days are like all mean comedy dark. They're all dark comedies. They have like an edge. And i like the fact that this is fluffy and other lifting right. It was very much like the more guy ish version of emily paris. Yeah but sh- exactly and i think it was a show that everyone's looking for after shits creek ended like we don't have any of those like should the creek was done. We did last year. Really turtle i watched leave. It's been on for six years. I watched like verse episodes. And i didn't like it. Oh yeah you didn't. That's why guys. Why is it now. You're humored so funny. I don't know learn. I don't like modern family humor. I don't love comedy is first of all i don't enjoy looking really are really much. We'll from tv like we left from our our friends. Don't laugh tv we did you see. Did you see promising young woman. No i do wanna see it more and do it is your hello. I told you to watch it right. Yeah you did. And it's the the most satisfying movie all say that i've seen in a long time. Oh my god. I was hanging on every moment. Really gonna like it. She better like. I don't know yeah it's icon. It's like okay so it's a romcom. Meets a drama about sexual assault. Meets like revenge thriller like corner on all three. You're laughing.

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