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Try so inclusion will be our north star there are no easy answers and we are interested in superficial actions this is our moment to lead and work together to effect real lasting change conditions of systemic racism on fortunately change everybody joins the cars and I hope we see the corporate leaders from the rest of America joined them so they say they're planning aims to eliminate forms of bias hold offenders accountable require independent prosecutors and invest in pulled loose policies to change disparities I'm a covert front there are now five thousand five hundred and seventy deaths in fifteen thousand thirty five cases of coronavirus in Michigan that's up seventeen deaths and three hundred four cases since yesterday and that is the lowest case increase since mid March former United auto workers president Gerry gels pleading guilty to helping still more than a million dollars from workers as part of a racketeering scheme the sixty three year old Jones faces up to five years in prison but prosecutors say that could be read dues because is cooperating with investigators and helping them build a case against others in the U. A. W. including president Dennis Williams British police said today a German man has been identified as a suspect in the case of a three year old British girl who disappeared thirteen years ago while on a holiday in Portugal with their parents the metropolitan police did not name the man but said he is forty three and was in and around the resort area on the outskirts of it closed at the time Madeleine McCann disappeared in may of two thousand seven police say the suspect described as white with short blonde hair slim build was linked to a camper van pictured in the resort area in two thousand and seven and that would be days around may third of that year when the little girl disappeared he's in prison in Germany for an unrelated matter the AMC theaters have been dark since during the pandemic and may remain so him see theaters the world's biggest movie theater chain says they have substantial doubt they'll be able to stay in business the theater chain expects to lose two point four billion dollars in the first quarter AMC says it has no revenue the company says even theaters if they were allowed to open right now studios and movie distributors might be holding back on new releases WJAR news time seven oh five for W. share news I'm a re Osborne I. ninety six eastbound.

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