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Effectively looked to play overs. Or Pass on the totals. Dot IT Evan. How about you in general xfl bedding so far? I haven't been betting on Games. But I've been playing a lot of draft kings and Certainly takes on the Games. God It's been doing more the DFS. How's that been going for you? Yeah I mean it's been awesome. It's been awesome. There's a big advantage when you put in work You know when you put in time to break down the Games and figuring out which guys are going to get the most playing time I mean. There's a big all you have to use a little bit better than average and you know you're up in that in that top fifty percent percentile and you have a chance to win pretty big money and and draftkings in Santa will have put out big games. I mean you you can win a lot of money playing xfl DFS. Let's get into the Games themselves for this week and we'll start with Seattle playing. Houston you guys have both been following it closer than I have but I kinda like Seattle. I mean they're getting thirteen points last time. I checked I didn't feel like Phillip Walker. Pj Walker whatever. We're calling them played as well last week. And they beat the Dallas with Landry Joe Landry Jones had three terrible interceptions. He was strip sacked for a touchdown. And I feel like B.J. Daniels gave Seattle of boost. So I kind of like Seattle getting the thirteen from Houston this week. What about you Steve? I'M GONNA pass the game. I think Houston is just awesome. I think that Walker is clear. Cut so much better than any other quarterback in the League there was twenty mile an hour winds in the Dallas game and so that made it more difficult for the offenses. I would look over in this game because Houston place fast and they play so aggressive with their offense and the game last week went under just because of the weather and the fact that Dow was turned over on the two yard line and the game. So if I was GONNA make a bet on the game. I'd go over Evan thoughts on this game. Yeah I I like to over in Seattle side. I mean it's just so many points number one. The total is a belief forty five and a half. I think the Houston is just. They're going to score weaken and week out. I think you can rely on them for you. Know Twenty four plus points and I think that Seattle with DJ Daniels. Now quarterback brain is silver's wasn't very good. B.j.daniels comes any average ten yards per pass attempt last week. You run seven times for eighty four yards. Houston has given up or is tied for the most points allowed in the league. So I think that Seattle with a Keenan Reynolds and Austin parole at receiver and now a dual threat quarterback who gives them some serious playmaking ability under center and I. I liked their backfield in. General Kenneth Farrow Jake Gardner Trey Williams. They've got some talent in their skill position core and they just weren't able to unlock it with Brennan Silvers. I think they might be able to get that done with B.J. Daniels we have to make sure that B.J DANIELS IS GONNA START I. I'm not sure that that's a lock yet. But he certainly Elevated them coming off the bench last week and I think that I think that we can. I think this can be like a a thirty to twenty four type game next game that we're looking at its New York against Dallas. New York's one to interro feels that they're playing better with Peres a quarterback. They're getting I think it was seven and a half now might be eight from Dallas. Landry Jones is out for a couple of weeks. I don't get this line. I'll take the guardians again. Getting the Point Steve. Okay yeah the Guardians are two into. Ross they won weeks one and weeks four. They got smoked weeks. Two and three No quarterback play all for New York. Peres is their quarterback right now. I don't know if it matters much was was now injured McCloy N- or Perez wherever they put behind their Mitchell I don't like the Guardians at all the lowest rated team and the XFL. I like nothing about their offense when I watch and the reason they beat. La In my opinion was it was thirty five degrees and there were snow. Flurries and La played three straight warm weather games and they practice in warm weather. So I think that's why New York looked impressive week. Four and New York was the recipient of Tampa Bay team. That just wasn't ready to go week one so I refused about on the Guardians. The idea being the very clear cut worst team in the League team that I wanNA back. But I'm not sure what we'RE GONNA GET OUT OF DALLAS with Joe and hurt a quarterback so because of that I'll just lean to Dallas. Yeah I don't like side with you so much here. Ross but I'm GonNa side here with you again. I like the The Guardian. You have it as an eight points. Is that what you saw? Last time I looked at it. Yes yeah I just think it could be a really really ugly game a really ugly game with Philip Nelson and I think Lewis Perez on the other side Kevin Gilbride Took over play calling duties last week for the Guardians and they got their first win I think they were going to see the The The Dallas renegades rely on their backfield Cameron Artis Payne and Lance Dunbar. Bulls guys with extensive. Nfl experience they've been really good but I think that doesn't necessarily translate to a lot of points and so I think that can be like a Like a seventeen fourteen game and I think the guardians are a good bet to cover in. I don't know the total is low enough that I I would stay away from taking a look by the way. It is showing seven and a half right now on pedal online dot. Ag All of these lines come to US FROM ONLINE DOT AG. Your online sportsbook experts. That is the way to bet. Bet online a dot. Ag Use the Promo Code. Podcast one you can bet these. Xfl Games. Let's get to the battle hawks. And the defenders. The Battle Hawks are now laying three and a half when I initially looked at it. They were laying two and a half. I still probably like the battle hawks. They've won two in a row. I like Jordan Taboo. And what he's done. Dc has looked heinous the last couple of weeks. Sixty four to nine eben outscored cartel Jones not good getting benched for tyree Jackson End. St Louis Evansville was hometown. Go ahead Actually I'm going to defer to you on this one Evan because Saint Louis maybe let me ask the question if there's one team I've watched the least that saying Lewis and they're a mystery to me because obviously on the scoreboard. This team has dynamite and their quarterback has played very well but when I look at the underlying stats and the team there. A below average team just in terms of yards per play etc. How is it that Saint Louis? With the zero turnover differential has performed so well on the scoreboard when their stats don't support. It has like a really kind of focused formula and they're very very run heavy which isn't necessarily a recipe for scoring points and or even having a high yards per play but just the way that they're I mean. They just have like a good formula. They're good on defense. You know they they have a a solid running game and they stick to it and they kind of limit Jordan. Thomas Pass attempts but he's been just crazy efficient kind of in this. You know this corn I duNno. I guess you can compare it to maybe like the Dallas Cowboys But but not even because they play uptempo they do run a lot of plates so I don't know maybe there isn't a great. Nfl comparison for them. But I just you know they're they're they're disciplined and I think they're well coached. They thought they were going to be bad at the start of the season. And they've been they've been rock-solid in I was surprised that this spread I saw it at four that this red was this low considering how bad. Dc has been over the past. Few weeks I mean they have been an absolute train wreck. You Got Cordell Jones playing He's been just absolutely awful last week. He was trying to get De'andre Tompkins. One of their receivers benched and they wound up benching. Cordell Jones and leaving De'andre Tompkins in the game So I think he's starting to lose team. Maybe losing the coaching staff entire Jackson. Although I thought he was kind of an intriguing prospect coming out of buffalo he just has not looked. Apparently he was terrible in in bills camp last year. And then he just when he's coming the game I mean he's looked just as bad as carnevale on unfortunate cardio had wide open guys last week wide open for like deep bombs and was just missing them and I think that he he must have lost his confidence because amb ethic that the team has lost confidence in him. So I'm GonNa go with you know. Just how the the trajectory of the of these teams? I think that. Saint Louis goes to DC wins pretty handily. Covers and DC DC has just fallen off a cliff over the last two weeks last game that we will get into. It is the vipers and the wildcats the wildcats from Tampa from La are laying. Two-point to the vipers. This is a tough one. I still like La even though they lost last week. I thought Josh Johnson played. Well I have faith in him. And they didn't punt. Once in the second half they had interception turn it over on downs. Missed FIELD GOAL BLAH BLAH BLAH. Meanwhile the vipers finally won their first game did run the ball pretty well but I think it was. Davy on Smith for Michigan. Got The first one hundred yard game. But I think I'd probably still lay the two points with it's interesting though already. A couple of these lines moved like I had La Lane. One St Louis laying two and a half and those lines have already moved. Yeah I think you got the right side on the side. If there's one theme that I would give in this league I don't even know If you guys know do these teams. Did they fly? Did they have their own charters or do they Do they have to fly commercial? I don't know that I would imagine. They fly commercial i. I don't think that they'd have charters for these guys. But I might be wrong and the reason I bring this up is I thought they would only be a two point home. Field advantage with smaller crowds and really the opposite is true in terms of the home. Teams have done very well. I don't have the exact statistics and I think a big part of it is the and with only eight teams. Let's face unless you Houston's playing Dallas or you know New York is You know staying close to home most of the time. These teams are traveling across the country. And if we've seen one thing is that the extreme travel has really compromised teams and La had to go to New York last week. They lost doesn't eight point favorite after fine across the country to cold weather. We'll now it's Tampa Bay. That is to fly across the country and sneaky six. Pm Start Time. Let me do the math..

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