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Lana Zak from Washington. Lana just spoke with your colleague Jim Ryan in Texas. Ted Cruz Senator Ted Cruz being declared the winner there. Over a very uncomfortably close race with democrat Bego award. What else do you have for us on the National Front? And what are they saying? What are you hearing if anything from the White House? Well, you know, Tony both Republican and democratic leaders are saying that they're having a great night tonight. The spin it already starting to happen. Even with with polls open in parts of the country. You mentioned better orc, and he was a he was a chance that a lot of Democrats had pinned their hopes on for them to pick up a Senate seat. And wow, they salivated over the idea that they could pick up a Senate seat in Texas. Of course, crews maintained his control over his Senate seat there. But they are picking up a seat in the house in the Dallas area in part because of what's being attributed to a better fact that there were so many Democrats managed to come out younger more diverse voters who are engaged in this election who who then propelled the democrat calling Allred victory there, and that's part of what makes Democrats feel like they're having a good night tonight. They seem to be on track right now for a winning in the house, so far they have picked up fourteen seats they needed to win twenty three to gain control. So that's just nine more. There's still a lot of a lot of seats. Outstanding. Some networks are projecting them to win enough seats though to take control. Yep. We're not. We're not ready to say just yet. You know, ABC tends to be a little bit more conservative with our projections. We won't we won't we won't say that somebody's one until until they've pretty solidly one. So even though there's some other people out there that are saying it what we can say definitively is that Republicans appear poised to maintain control of the Senate. We believe that that's going to happen, especially since they were able to pick up seats in North Dakota. And they were able to think of that's even Indiana and maintain Ted Cruz a seat in Texas. So the other seeds really become irrelevant for when it comes to control in the Senate. But in the House Democrats say that they're feeling really good. You also asked me about how the White House is feeling and I and I wanna make sure that I get to that. Because we did hear from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders at the White House. She says the president even though it's early in the process feels really great. She. He said he has had an incredible night. Remember, President Trump was out there in full force forty four rallies in twenty three states. He especially even just last night three different states that he was hitting. They wanted to stop with what many people were projecting was going to be a Blue Wave. And it seems like by strategically loader dating his base on several issues that at least when it comes to the Senate. They have done a good job in in maintaining control their Lana. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. One other seat. The Democrats did not pick up is in Missouri. It looks like Josh Hawley has been declared the winner there over Claire mccaskill. So that is more good news for the Republicans. That was one of the stops that President Trump made in his last fast and furious. Campaign efforts. And really really speaking highly of Josh Holly. I guess I think we lost. Lana zak. All right. Ten fifty a news ninety six point five WDBO. I'm Tony Marino. Phone lines are open for you. If you have a question or comment, eight four four to two zero zero nine six five we are continuing our extended live local election day coverage right after this break..

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