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Eight to one WTVN eight hundred six ten WTVN. Those are numbers jump on board. We're talking about yard moving our way through the month of February. And of course, last Saturday kind of an exciting Saturday because we had a Tony fill and Buckeye Chuck. And of course, all the other rodents and other critters from each state going at it as far as do I see my shadow Nazi my shadow six more weeks of winters springs, right around the corner. Well, the two that really count punks attorney Phil and Buckeye Chuck both agreed this year neither one saw their shadow. And so they're saying that the spring is right around the corner. Well, just like we do in politics after the president gave his state of the union address. They had a democratic rebuttal. Correct. So I thought we might as well invite the Arbor doctor on of course, restaurent Rothfusz who was are also. Amateur meteorologist to find out. What his opinion is what's his rebuttal? After seeing what happened with Punxsutawney, Phil and Buckeye Chuck. So we call this. It's time for weather. It's the weather starting the true, Sears, Sears pronounced tour of pronounced decay tours. He's a weather prediction extraordinaire has been doing this since he was five years old the Weather Channel idolizes him. He's actually Ann Arbor's any ashes fire the saying. Trees are good. He's amateur meteorologist and say board master certified Arborist, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Ron Roth is his website is Arbor, Dr dot com or weather dot Dr dot com. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? I am. Excellent. Thank you so much for asking. All right. You're welcome. I I enjoy your opening by the way, the Dennis the menace. Hello, Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson always enjoy that. Mike Elliott, did w Chad somebody else did. But anyway, yes, I do too. I in lots of people now, that course, they give me that when they see me to. All right. So we we thought we would get you on here for a couple reasons. One is I want your rebuttal after hearing from the two groundhog's what they were saying about spring is right around the corner and a come to you our expert on the weather to find out, you know, get your answer. What is your opinion on the upcoming weather, and I like what you were posted on your blog at the weather dot Arbor, Dr dot com because I think the title of that is very much politically, correct? Politically, correct meteorologically correct as well. Maybe. Well, there you go six more weeks of winter. Yes. No. And maybe. Yes. No. And maybe it's it all depends on where you are. And unfortunately, Buckeye, Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil, and yours truly or kind of sitting on the meteorological SAM's this year, not because we don't know what's going on. But because we're literally kind of on the fence.

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