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L p dot com slash Feel happy and get 15% off your first month. Samantha Canning NEWS Radio W F L. A Plenty of clouds and some light rain for the rest of the day. But once we head into the evening, I rain chances are going to go up out ahead of a cold front. Still warm today at 76 Mild Tonight in the mid sixties. The rain should last through early Saturday morning, and then we clear out for Saturday afternoon, a little cooler in last few minutes 72 cloudy and 71 on Sunday with another Cold front Monday morning. I don't know. Water today. South winds at 15 knots and sees it 2 ft. I'm Max. If integrate Meteorologist least bad you're listening to Rush Limbaugh on news radio telling you F L A Mm hmm. Way are back at it again. Ladies and gentlemen, Rush Limbaugh back for broadcast excellence on open line Friday. Let's go ahead and hit it just know from sunny South Florida. It's open wine Friday, right? That means when we go to the phones, you can talk about whatever you want to talk about. And by the way, never have. I meant that more than I mean it today. Whatever you want to talk about have.

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