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Station. I won't have the couch. Superfan screed from Tony Livermore. And I get it. I do I get it. But he's doing it. You're the one who demands me to do it. I do. You should see the bullying that goes on in the studio, dude. Poor superfan. Tony comes at his superfan. I get it. Two plus. Actually do. I do get it. Happy. Stop doing it the hell no more foot to the floor, man. These guys off. You know, what we're gonna roll over these guys with superfan force. Okay. Tell me give in until they do is your acknowledging the haters. Forging ahead. We're going right down their throat. We got to go right down there. Murph anyway, cow bear football for the first time since two thousand long you got a soft spot for Calvin Greek theater. Anyone dead heads unite Greek the see these guys know Dibble knows. I'm talking about Catholic Greek. I do I do next door. Memorial stadium. Heads running amok up and down that hill over there. Eight that book, I'm reading this something else, by the way, that whole book reading the Joel Salvin book, by the way, I saw Jerry band with the with Jimmy cliff. You invite me summer of eighty nine show. I haven't met yet. Good show. Hey, anyway. So the calbears since two thousand three the first time they beat USC. Yes. Eight slug fest. Fifteen fourteen final score at all right? By the way, dude, you got to give it up for a jet. Justin, Wilcox the way he's got this defense playing. They were get after the quarterback with tragedy in the third and fourth quarter. I mean calbears are common strong. They got a freshman quarterback JT Daniels. I'm telling you pick excuse me as C did. And they were all over that kid. I mean, they were huge sacks late in the game by Evan Weaver. Murph DeKalb air defense went right down his throat and cope back in the home. Studio, the caviar mothership, if you could let's enjoy some sounds either one..

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