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I. Don't ask Rick Tidwell to bring it because it already done got brought John Broaden thank you for that coming up next thing and Herman Moore will join us The optimus prime as he likes to call himself an will bring in SQUIRM and Hermann. Maier oh as different. I don't think he probably likes peewee. Herman probably won't calm that either in a very interesting feud dude over the weekend that you might have missed colts lineman Quenton Nelson. And buccaneers Punter Bradley Pinon had a brief but tense exchange during pregame warmups and Tampa Bay on Sunday and offensive lineman versus a punter. Doesn't seem like a firefight. So the former niner rack and pinion steering Was Probably lucky that nothing serious about it. But it all all started. When opinion accidentally hit Nelson with a punt when he was warming up the the ball hit Nelson in the head and it wasn't a welcome surprise for the six foot? Five three hundred thirty pound lineman. He made his way across is to fill the have a chat with Pinon. And we can only assume there was Maybe some foul language going around now opinion is six five to forty eighty. But Nelson's a little bit scarier To say the least but to get mad at the punter is is really stupid because all he's doing is he's kicking Johnson if you're on the field out there unless you're in an area where I mean if you're in the stands hands on the punter hitching their hand. I can see that but it just seemed like you know it's like hey man be careful where you put haunted next time man. It's all kind of stupid and the body language. The suggested that it was just just a major annoyance and another plant from Pinon landed near Nelson shortly afterward Nelson punted wanted backed opinion. And I can tell you if you're not used to putting and you dissolve a sudden punt as a good way to Ruin your leg but this is just another thing from the the Department of what a bunch of babies funny is football Looking at mock drafts which we can officially do now. Raider nation really the nation. It's funny to see these guys who every week. They do this for a living as one of their jobs. And Ryan Wilson on CBS. Pulling out and I- outside of the top two I. I just wonder what's going on. He's got Joe Borough number one overall to the bengals and he does look pretty legit and remember. They spent a first round pick on Jonna Williams who never played. So you're GONNA get arguably the best Salaam linemen and the whole draft last year and a new quarterback to go hand in hand be very hard to pass on chase this young. Because he's a layup he is Nick Bosa and you can look around and say well this guy work. Well that guy work last year. If you take Nick Bosa You know that pick will work and his teammate chase young from last year it's the same thing and if the giants picked second they have them go there but just riding on the top ten Andrew Thomas the offensive Lineman from Georgia to block for Hoskins in Washington. DC The dolphins is going with Jed. Rick Wills Junior the offensive Lineman to block with Rosen. Listen I know that Brian Wilson is getting paid to write an article. But there's two things here that I guarantee you scream. It'll never happen first of all all they don't care about. Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick. They're not going to go out and get the linemen and then searched for the quarterback. They're going to search for the quarterback. I but second of all Jerick wills junior in every other mock I've seen is highest as he's gone is nineteen and he thinks he's going to go four. Whatever whatever? Derrick Brown Defensive Lineman from Auburn the fifth overall pick by the lions man. He's a big fat three hundred twenty six foot five guy. He's a senior and they need somebody to stop the run. They're not gonNA draft him fifth fifth overall. This is the one where you could say it might happen. And that is sixth overall all the Arizona cardinals draft a tackle and they have him Taking tristen wharfs at Iowa who can play left or right tackle and yes. You need someone to protect tyler. Murray I could see that Giovane. Ken Law good name for a defensive Lineman in relation to Reggie come out of South Carolina. Six Foot six three hundred and ten pounds senior the best interior pass rusher in the country. Isaiah Azalea Simmons the safety from Clemson to Atlanta nine. Jerry Judy no argument there A weapon for Doral. I don't think judy lasts till nine. But we'll see and then Tenth Overall Jeff Okuda the Ohio state junior quarterback. So so what about these other quarterbacks where would they go where who would be the first guy by the way they have the raiders taking. Aj Panetta the Iowa Defensive End A guy who they say takes a Lotta plays off. Oh that's Great Stefan digs brothers. By the way Tra fon digs at Alabama is gonna go but when you talk about digs I like rugs who's also Alabama Six feet tall one ninety speedster. That could be a guy. That goes to the raiders. But you know what I'm seeing. These names Josh Jones. Marvyn Wilson finally at Nineteen in overall Justin. Herbert for the jags really the jags. No no not the jags Justin Herbert a lot of people say now as a second round pick but I don't think he lasts that long. It's a quarterback they just don't last even drew locked. I gotTa Take Him Brady Quinn. I gotTA take teams move back in and they panic teddy bridgewater. I'll move back into the first round. It happens every year. Just in Herbert's GonNa be sitting there twenty nine thirty thirty one. Someone's gotTa get him not wait until tomorrow but not the jags the jags. Oh Nick foles so much money the and they like his backup Gardner Mention foles has not been good and Garner. Men's shoe is not great either but I don't think this is the year they look in that that direction and you got Terrell Lewis Krant delpit. CJ Henderson a corner and Edge rusher at Penn State Attorney Gross Mattos Kristen Fulton Corner and Lsu. Jonathan Taylor the running back from Wisconsin thing about this this number one running back in the draft up dropping all the way to twenty five last year. WHOA Josh Jacobs was the first one selected and they wasn't early really You know this is a guy who I think would be a good weapon for for Josh Allen. goodspeed weapon but Dylan Moses this and other Alabama linebacker Levinsky Schimmel the Colorado receiver. WHO's battled injuries this year? Bryce Hall the Corner Corner Out of Virginia. Curtis weaver the edge rusher from Boise state. Thirteen and a half sacks fifty five pressures but also so can drop into coverage and finally we have another quarterback off the board. And that's Jordan love. We've been talking about Jordan love. Who is a bay area kid? By the way to the saints. Why drew brees is coming back next year Teddy Bridgewater? We'll probably come back next year. The reason is is because of Patrick Mahomes and he needs to send him a case of beer because Jordan love of his six four to twenty five and has that Patrick Mahomes type of arm right now. The only thing is is that he sucked for Utah State this year and some people say you really need to go back for your senior year. If you're going to be a first round pick nick why would you need to go back and then it's got Baltimore taking Kaleva on Chason Lsu defensive and I guess he would lever lever and then how about this. This is the first time we've seen this and has the niners as the Super Bowl Champs picking thirty second and it hasn't been taking tyler as an offensive lineman from Wisconsin who is a center or a guard Like I wouldn't. I wouldn't argue that the niners would dig a A lineman like that but Seriously some of these are curious but I just I know burrow will probably go one because Cincinnati just doesn't have a quarterback they don't want Dalton even though he's playing now they don't want Finley. I can see that but chase Yang is the.

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