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You know, You can't do it. Okay, fine. Go with the 38 Kinnick Auto. Okay, that 38 chemical. I'd always Vince and then we go to Jon Drummond, who has five points right now. Well, I'm going to have to go with my heart goes with Nile Kinnick. Hank Aaron. I saw players are rookie with the all clear Bears. And his rookie card would be hot. But I'm going to go, Tyler, I'm going to go with Ty Cobb. This time I got I got to start winning. Some things goes to be more realistic on my prediction. So I'm going to overtake Hub. Okay, now and then. The first place. Unbeatable. Nancy Huggins is next. Well, I don't I don't know about that. But I'm going to go with Vince today and I'm going Oh Oh, taking a gamble and the tight rope, Okay, Copy where it take And you know the pig guide, so Okay. Hope. Well, that's the good news. Here's the bad dude. Yeah, no one is correct, Which means that jump drumming and Nancy Huggins will each lose a point, which moves them closer to Tyler invents. So in some ways, it's like you guys. What a point. Why would you do? Okay, Here's here's the prices. The Ty Cobb $5300 was the high dead. The Askar Robertson. Nobody took it 6200 not bad at all. The Nile Kinnick 6300 and the Hank Aaron 7900 Like all of my heart Take Henry. Hank. Yeah, you I thought you were going to. I've been railroaded enough, man. Get out. Funk yourself. Fucking Yeah, No, Vince Understanding. The standings are Nancy, seven, John, four, and Tyler invents each Have three. Now. Here's the bonus question, so we'll go and reverse order so Tyler once again will get the first. Option in this. This is a toughie. I think Tyler doesn't have much of a chance. This one, but, hey, you never know. How much did he listen? During history class, We'll find out Okay, which famous novelist Played minor league baseball in the 18 nineties. This info Got this from the back of a Roberto Clementi 1972. Topps card number three. Oh, nine where they do little info bits on there. And here's the hint. I think Jon Drummond is going to get it from this job. Don't blurt it out because you have to wait for your turn. His all time bestseller was Riders of the Purple Sage Yeah, which was published in 1912. So Tyler, do you know who it is? You lost me once, he said novelist. So I have nothing. I had a feeling that I had a feeling you might struggle with. This one fits. Oh, that's it's tough, but I'm just going to guess Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway. It is not him. John Drummond. Okay, this one. This one. I'm a nail right to the right going to nail this round right away. It's got to be one and only the famous Zane Grey's same gray. It is. That's the answer. Well done. So John Drumlin gets the bonus and goes up to five. So it's seven for Nancy. Now. Nancy Huggins, would you have gotten that one if it got to you? Oh, probably not. Yeah, I don't. I don't think I would. If I was very I mean, I've heard of Zane Grey, but that like that title didn't go on a movie movies in the 19 thirties as a kid like I did in the theaters. There always was a great movie. Whether they're purple stages I melt. Okay. I was actually thinking of Baltimore native background. Paul Yeah. Oh, that would have been a good guess. Yeah, but he was dead by that time, so we couldn't have done it. Yeah. What? When did I thought Edgar Allan Poe lived until the early 19 hundreds, but maybe 18 sixties or seventies? Okay, Yeah. All right, Was it Judge Edgar Allan Poe, One of his relatives had a card in the In a football that the In the 18 hundreds. Really? You're kidding. Yeah, he went to Princeton. Um Is in P o is his name and Yeah, he was a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe. Well, we'll have to look that up. See if we can find out because that was how about the guy who was on the float? First Ever football card? I forget. What it was. He went to, like Princeton or somebody's. He looks like you know, some little guy with a dark, you look at his face. It's like you're gonna be in 150 years. They'll be talking about you under radio in Chicago about you were the first football tired. He's like, Yeah, I think I'll play this game. It looks like it might be fun. All right, so that was pretty exciting. John Drummond picks up an extra bonus point. C. J. You almost picked up to today. Almost should have, but I should have done a right. We're going to take care in, but I weakened. That's right. It's been a big man. You have been the champion today. Yeah, well, you still picked up a point. It's always good to go with your first thought, though. I think you're right. The the thought has already talked me out of it. When you went with I could resist. I just want to take it. All right. So thanks for joining us have a great week, Nancy Huggins and Jon Drummond and we'll talk to you again next week. All right. Very good. Now we're until eight o'clock. The number here is 3123323776. You can call with the question where until eight. Or you can tweet a picture to T Crown Tom to my attention and Will use it on the show. If I said, so Hang in there it's time for a short break..

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