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Back on track capsule with war conversations from every trick generate playing the klingons. And we'll start with with you bob Garon was very ambitious a ruler and he was actually writing history. Much to worst chagrin. How do you see him now. way what we're going to now is. Somebody must watch that show too. I think what what occurred was It was a natural ability of a when you switch shows I didn't expect to. I started off with next gen. And actually i thought i was pretty heroic figure Yeah could because. I was coming from a family. Klinghoffer family that was sort of outside the realm they were of royalty but the way that the description was is that i was not an acceptable sort of person for and how i became this battle with with the other clay on to takeover was never actually explained that one once. I did take over and get it then. When michael jordan was moved over to deep space nine. I knew i was probably going to do one of two things be killed off or get transferred over in the and once i got transferred over. I know exactly what was going to occur. I would become you know the enemy to some way or or degree or They needed people to fight to give action to the show. And i was natural that what was interesting is they made me a political figure lot. Just i figured if i gotta fight i'd probably only lasted season till the alternative was to become political. And and they did that to me. And i lasted the full run out of space. Nine which was excellent in my own opinion was. But i have no. You know. it's like one of those actors. You know you give me the job i do it. You know. it's like the less. I have my own opinion about it. I feel that's what i should be doing giving my opinion about it and and just do the job. There are certain things. I liked disliked. But i'm not a writer you know. They have to go the full spectrum of much charter job. I feel and a much more free job To to go and create enough and j g you know. I i thought in some ways. Mark was interesting because in some ways he was kind of a mentor and surrogate father for For war and was instrumental in helping him after the death of his wife And so on the right track with him. Or what does he view worth. More as a comrade didn't start out that way. I am the the first really significant episode. That i was in was once more into the breach. Yes and i. That was john color coast. Who was coming back. coming forward really the i cling on ever. John color goes has frank He was coming into Earn himself an honorable death. I guess he knew he was dying and he wanted to somehow a crown his life with an honorable death which is everything to clean up and he came to me. But i would not confusing two episodes The first episode was These are my two favorite episodes. So i do get mixed up Soldiers of the empire in soldiers the empire which was directed by lavar burton mar talk was presented as a man who has lost his courage. Locke's nerve a klingon that's lost. His courage disrespected. His ship was disrespected. It was he was like the the If there was a like a curse to ship in the navy that was it His his ship and the the the klingon crew hated themselves hated. The ship hated him and War came on and jet zeal also but war put me in a position where i could actually behave in such ways to overcome by fear works character at after any did it and i and i did overcome by fear of the gem dr and at the end we i welcome making part of how smarttalk so he was part he was part son part brother that was the most that was probably the most emotionally fulfilling episode. I ever got a chance to do because it really pushed. Mar talk to his emotional ends about being a a with all senate done being a coward being afraid there are things i would. I would undertake now except as john and accepted. You know there are too many people involved in this too much chance a chance of failure. But i would love to be able to do it anyway. Provided mar talk with that possibility. It worked out in a major part in my house with jamie fulfilled. A need that he had is well. No absolutely no. That was great. It was great the whole Klingon storyline on. Espn was awesome and You gotta credit guy who really knew how to write them. Ronald d moore. Who would only give you more man right. He he had those great klingon stories man was he had great great command of klingon culture. And if you've ever met. Ron he is the most like Whenever the opposite of bearing is he he's the most humble man is yes he's a he's a genius but he's so humble. He sold non-aggressive non demonstrative of of. This is how much i know. It's just not there And i have the greatest respect for rushmore. But the other the other thing in my case with the with the once more into the breach lavar burton was a director once more into the breach. And i think james conway allen craker directed soldiers the empire notre. Sorry screwed up again. Lavar directed soldiers the empire allen. Craker yet another canadian direct at once. More into the breach they were both fabulous directors. Michael vahard was He was a dp director was he was sort of a very talk about a very humble man he was. You never hear about him in fact he. He's he's unflappable. I've tried to find him through the through all those resources we have and he just does not want to be found so e as anyway Great writers like ron moore. We had great directors and terrific actors and the guy in charge. Ira oh yeah.

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