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Four. We find fine. Listen so you're a friend of hers right. I don't need any more trouble Someone wants to kill it. Sounds like it has potential. Oh it might have had potential but it turns out to be a really chintzy and boring blade runner Rip off in which guy pearce stars as a private investigator who sent into zone. Fourteen zone occupied mostly by androids Who service the needs of humans In order to find the missing daughter of the guy who invented all the androids who's played over the top by travis. Fill in one of the most extravagantly awful performances. you'll after ever see. This movie might have had a chance and guy. Pearce is actually a very good actor Unfortunately it's made on such a low budget. Most of it is composed of dreary old sets which are lighted in such a way that you can't tell that they're so cheap as they really are This movie appears on streaming services. But it's really not worth your time all right and that's called zone. Four one. four finally franken were short on time. So i'm not gonna play the trailer. But i think this is something you might have liked. I want to hear about it. It's an art documentary about a painting. It's called the loss leonardo. Tell us about yeah. This is a great documentary which is part art thriller And part expose of the greedy art business system which exists nowadays. It's about the salvator. Mundi a painting from the fifteenth or sixteenth century Which was very much damaged. It was purchased by a couple from louisiana in london for forty five pounds In nineteen fifty eight and over the course of the decades it was identified by some as being by leonardo da vinci. It was called nicknamed the male mona lisa and at the end of this film in 2017 it sells at auction in new york for four hundred and and fifty million dollars. The highest price ever paid for a painting and the buyer turns out to be the crown prince of saudi arabia. No less so. This is a documentary about art scholarship. But it's also about the greed of the art market and finally it's about global politics because the crown prince of saudi arabia wants to make this painting the centerpiece of an art museum in his own country. It's a fascinating documentary. I can't recommend it highly enough and you'll find it in theaters is playing at the angelika in dallas. Right now all right. Thanks frank that when called the loss. Leonardo have a good weekend thanks. We techy can find his work at one. Guy's opinion dot com..

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