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Of hope. Along with practical advice for your healing journey. Your host Terry Walbrook. Trauma Warrior Writer. Speaker Blogger. Therapy dog handler and founder of the same as fumbles of hope project. As a survivor and thrive over Terry's mission is to shine the light of hope into the world by interviewing insightful guests from across the globe. Please stay tuned at the end of today's interview as we honor our sponsors. The healing place podcast is a fiscally sponsored project of fractured atlas. Now. Here's your host. And Trauma Warrior. Terry well brought. Welcome everybody to the healing place podcast I'm your host Terry Walk and very excited to have with me today Dr Nisha. Manic did say right. Oh perfect aside. Such beautiful lame! It's just roll so yeah so here to talk to us today about some amazing stuff. That I'm excited to learn about power of attention integrative medicine. Her book, bridging science and spirit, the genius of William Ain't tillers physics in the promise of Information Medicine Information. Medicine I couldn't even read my own handwriting. Yes, so talk to us about. What it is, you do in the world. Kerry good to join you this morning. Hello, from California and well. Doctor by profession. And I'm a rheumatologist and a rheumatologist. As a physician that deals with chronic diseases mostly it's thought about as joints, but the more accurate way to think about rheumatology is that it is a disease or a specialty looking at disease of the immune system, so I deal with with people with systemic lupus, rheumatoid, arthritis, and other joint diseases, such as Kaoh to in osteoarthritis. So in a nutshell it's you know once I have a patient in my office. It's a it's a long term relationship. Okay, so that's been my career. You know medical doctor joining hospital systems until about ten years ago a and then I took a major change in the in the trajectory. Also. I have a few friends who battle autoimmune diseases themselves and Yet just what a what a struggle it can be because there's just not. A quote unquote. Correct in the in the. logical part of it, you know so in in medicine how we think about healing, or in fact you were You bring mind this early morning. Meditation have coffee and I really think about the day, and then I have twenty minutes of compete silence in I. Just sit there. On a chair this close my eyes breathe in and out and consider an in mostly now. The Meditation is very quiet, and a thought came today, and the thought was this. Medicine you know how we approach. Healing is that we deconstruct the human body. We make it into parts. We make into systems. We make it into anatomy, biochemistry physiology, and then we go even further into biochemistry and look at reactions in the cell, and we try to understand it, and then we reconstructed back to the whole, human and right away. You know when I was a medical student. This is beautiful I thought. Wow, you know. We're getting into the nuts and bolts of human human healing and humanity. What makes us whole? Any was completely misplaced. And in bridging science in spirit I actually write a letter to my younger self, because I thought that this rational way of thinking of constructing. Madison was the Holy Grail and I was wrong, I was wrong and I. Think.

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