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I if it's only as in september call up or or or maybe it's nothing at all we we don't know y you know we are bringing this up anywhere and no running late here believe just real quick at the forty nine as 1994 won a super bowl and then they lost ricky watters lusty on sanders but ricky watters is a big part of their offense he was a petulant guy they thought he was selfish and they let him go for whom there were offense was never the same they'll run the ball for many years after the defeat he'll sort of make in an analogy here to pablo in the team i mean it honesty since he left they haven't hit i mean and they had a nice april may and june last year but ever since then the offense has been missing a big hold you look at his departure as like a whole they never filled no you know what if if if you put it in those terms i honestly a two point two one guy i point to honor pence i think he's not the same he's he's hitting baltimore chop singles instead of you know hitting homers to you know uh with men on base um no i i think that i don't know where we're going to see you at hundred pence again and so the the got to figure something out with him uh because uh no you'll lose a panda and you lose the parents of those guys could could could hit you anywhere for me they get hit any pitch when they were on meet him so dangerous in the postseason because you try to pitch carefully totally couldn't there's no place you could pitch carefully those two guys 'cause they can hit the ball you know that that's picked at their gender they could get it out of the ballpark so i think that was one of the factors that made the giants so good naval to uh to sort of swim through rounds of the postseason and twelve and fourteen in an element that they're missing because they don't have panda and they they don't have pence being pence and i think that the combo those two things maybe what you're driving a yeah dow absolutely totally agree on all that stuff well enjoyed the chat and and did you make anything out.

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