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Agan revealed the news on Twitter after he attended a virtual Q and a with Judd Apatow and the cast of the King of Staten Island. According to him, Davidson said. It takes 3 to 4 hours in the makeup chair to cover them, so he figured it would be easier to get them burned off. Sir Paul McCartney is out with new music thing. 78 year old entertainer just dropped his latest album, McCartney three. Album is the long awaited follow up in the trilogy of his self titled album's Bacardi, one and McCartney to, he wrote, played and produced his newest album in Isolation while hanging out in his daughter's farm in East Sussex. Nick A. Magog, his NBC News radio. That's Entertainment. Jennifer Belzoni, NBC news radio. And he was radio 600 Kogo live local breaking What? Zero ICU capacity means I'm Marilyn Haider. Capacity in the state is down to 2%. Southern California, the region covering 11 counties, including San Diego capacity. Is it 0% when you see 0%? That doesn't mean there's no capacity no one's allowed into an ICU. It means we're now in our surge phase, which is about 20% additional capacity that we could make available through the ice you system so I don't want people to be alarmed by that. Except I do want to raise the alarm bell about what we all must do individually and collectively to address This rate of growth in San Diego County. The capacity was it 16% yesterday, but San Diego is part of the Greater Southern California region. And the stay at home orders. It means we have to be at 15% capacity before we can get out of that. Stay at home Order. The state of California is requesting a stay of the San Diego judge's ruling on strip clubs and restaurants. The lawyers say the judge abused his authority by including restaurants in the ruling when the case was about strip clubs. The judge ruled strip clubs Consejo Open and they serve food, so restaurants believe they should be included. The state does not. The Board of Supervisors voted to appeal the ruling as well, although they are not opposed to outdoor dining. Was sending the police call The disturbing and offensive video involving Mayor Gloria is under investigation internally within the police department. Police say they are investigating the creation and circulation of the video among SBPD employees. Police spokesman says the video features eight off Hitler in a commentary that negatively portrays the community and department leadership. And includes a bigoted homophobe slur against Mayor Gloria Lieutenant Sean Taco, who, she says the video was created after the department launched an internal investigation into the matter of our officers eating inside a restaurant during the covert 19 stay at home orders. A man was struck and killed on Interstate five just before nine. This morning, CHP Officer Salvador Castro tells Kogo news that happened on North five just south of the 1 63 pointer. Yes, survival. The Saturday You go first for that pedestrian accident where the pedestrian suffer faith, fatal injuries. The pedestrian was a male. And was pronounced deceased are seeing by medical personnel. And the driver stayed off feet and cooperated with the unit. He says he doesn't know the circumstances as to why the man was on the freeway, Congress passed a two days stopgap spending bill to avert a partial government shutdown. It's part of an effort to buy additional time to get the negotiations on a covert economic relief package. She'll be back in session on Sunday, trying to close out that the hope for agreement would provide more than $300. Billion in aid to businesses. $300 a week bonus, federal jobless benefit and $600 direct payments to individuals. Police are looking for a real life. Scrooge who destroyed a Carlsbad family's Christmas decorations. Security video early Wednesday morning shows someone jump out of a black SUV and start attacking the Dooley families, inflatable Christmas decorations. Vandal, causing $600 in damage, But the real victims are the kids. Gavin Dooley's youngest is heartbroken. And even a neighbor was in tears with her big, sad eyes, Brown eyes said, You know, poor Kay. Okay? Why? Why? Why? Why would they do this? Duly telling reporting partner 10 news that the holiday joy they were trying to spread has been deflated. He wants to put up more decorations, but he's worried they, too will be targeted. Joshua Lipton Kogo News now at 4, 34. Coco's real time traffic with my Can't Cock from helpful Santiago 100 Dealers Traffic center. We've got a crash in the north five right there, Sanofi and answer me. This looks like the left lanes blocked there. So you've got really tight traffic on the approach to Santa Fe. Drive a North 15 busy one here with 55 minutes from.

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