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Gives it. To Hayden hidden gets, it out to the six yard line Gilman the safety up on the ball to make. The stop gain of two on, the play second and eighth for the wolverines Ben Mason the big fullback comes in the ball game He replaces grandparent Michigan just talk about a. Basic offense in the. I formation. Patterson up under center I formation behind it Turns gives Higgins got some room out over, the fifteen to the sixteen yard line that's good for a first down. Mason leading the flavor from. His up back position and they get a first down real quick down to the sidelines shape Patterson is, town cramping up both of the last two plays and Dylan McCaffrey puts his helmet Ani's talking to Jim. Harbaugh, and Patterson you could tell after the first downplay was, in a lot of pain. And they're working on. His calves well if you've been wondering who's. The backup quarterback for Michigan it is not Brandon Peter's it. Is Dylan McCaffrey watching the team warm up, before this game McCaffrey took all of the reps that shape Patterson did not. And I think that's I opening for a lot, of Michigan fans who who. Saw the season endless. Fear with Brandon Peter's being the starting quarterback. But Dylan McCaffrey the redshirt freshman from Castle Rock Colorado Ye. Of the fantastic pedigree Is dead his older brother the McCaffrey's know. How to play football they do. Indeed his older brothers making credit name for himself down in. Carolina with the Panthers is a kind of. Purpose back he's good with his dad Edwards, receiver? For the Broncos so Dylan McCaffrey now takes over he's got a first down at his own, sixteen yard line he goes, under center and, it will go I formation to. Receivers split left tight end right Mccaffrey Under Senate takes the snap gives the Higdon tries right. Guard Higdon gets out close to the. Twenty maybe the nineteen gain of. Three just a straight up field downhill running It'll be second down and seven Shape. Patterson comes back into the game.

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