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E t A L K E S H O W. On Twitter on Facebook on Instagram haven't done instagram picture in a while. Robert should post went up their career. And I mean that. Yeah. G'day, look at my arms. Look, everybody look at me. Is that your impersonation of me? What is that? No, no. You know you were going to we're going to do we'll go there now aged 89 for one, Paige's Natalie Maines has decided That The president is committing second degree murder. I guess he would face 130,000 counts on and a long time he's going to win the election. We'll get into the baseball players kneeling now, too. I guess they don't want to watch any sports again. So you start watching reality TV Was that the San Francisco Giants that did it this time? Oh, I think it was Yeah. No. I played the national anthem at an Astros game. Probably boys got me seven years ago on us, maybe even more. And none of the players knelt. It was even a thing. As the guy playing it. What should my reaction when they kneel down? Ah! I just don't understand what What should my We would have had to stop playing. Sorry. Gonna need you to stand up. Oh, you imagine over Avery, Would you go viral? Oh, yeah, you would. But any Sunday sports team to invite my hands to come and play the national anthem on the saxophone. And if somebody meals down, it's going, Tio. Partner. Oh, man. Yeah, go viral. I'll finish when you stand. Would that be a hate for that? Oh, yeah, That'd be a big thing. Why would I get hate? Oh, you don't get it. I get it. You would get to hate you. I'll pick the song up in a minute. Soon as Bobby over there stands up. You good. Continue playing all right. We'll get into that because it looks like not only there to be dealings on by you, but they're gonna be there doing all sorts of crap this year, all sorts of stuff going on in sports this year, and we'll talk about it today at nine for one Paige's Joe PAGs dot com to the phone lines in the meantime, is it Jobe is your name Jobe? You. What's your name? Toby, That's correct. Jobe talked to your arm here. Do. I think it's smarter than we're giving them credit for, because if she can get to all of those voters before they die. And have the families still our mail in ballots. I could second set something. Goodness. What she was saying that that he needs them to die so that he can win the election. I think she misspoke. Think he was talking about Joe to win the election? I think everything she's ever said has been a misspeak. To be honest, Joe B. Thanks Open line, now 889 for one. Paige's, aged 89417247 Joe PAGs dot com To be in Houston, baby, What's going on? Oh, Joe, I would sell them question. You're so wise, and I don't know him. But I think you missed the point in that good. You gotta use a Chicago example. Dead people can turn an election one way or the other right with this Generally a Democrat thing. So the Republican Trump I don't think he's going to benefit from dead voters. And again where l a treasure was. He's killing them through second degree murder, by the way so that he could win election. But she just assume that he's going to do it that way. So that's how they would do it. Ah, alright, baby, open my eyes. You know, maybe there's something here. She because she's on the left is assuming that he's doing what Ebbe says The left does, which is the left has a bunch of dead people vote. And pets and other and other things. So the president From her perspective is committing the second degree murder on 130,000 people, assuming he can then add those to his vote count in November, crystal clear now? Yes, Chris stole. Yeah. Exactly how it's gonna work. By the way, there is no benefit for any politician to ever have people die when when they're the one who's in office. So it's interesting to me and this isn't brought out enough and I think it will be, but it's not brought out enough right now. Interesting angle is when you look at the number of deaths City by city County by county state by state year to year. Are we ahead of the pace of deaths. Than we normally would be this time of year. Now the answer that I get from some individual spots that have been chosen and sent to me. The interest. No, we're not. We don't have more deaths this year that we normally do. We do see is an incredible decrease. In deaths by things like pneumonia on our disease. We see an incredible decrease. And people dying of other causes as well. So the death number which happens, life and death happens. The death number hasn't changed much. In fact, it's about the same. Yet we allegedly have 100. What is the number 130,000? I think it's just a little over 131 137,000 dead allegedly from covert 19. We know they're being miss reported. We've already outlined that we know that we had. We actually had to see that the number of cases lowered in a lot of places because they were overestimating and making probable cause is somehow Positive. Results of tests. But at the end of the day if we have the same amount of, if not less fewer deaths This year. Then we do in a normal year. Then why is it that we're all you know? Shut down, and no one's going to work and we're locked down and got a worm asking to everything else. What? What am I missing The death numbers 130,000 higher than we normally see by this time of the year. I hear you. Now you're proving me something, but I think that we start counting other deaths and just about everything is a covert death is very interesting. Ended 89 for one. Paige's ended 89417247 Joe PAGs dot com I want to be a big sports will give you my Paige's parody again next next half hour as well, keeping your job pack show. This is the Joe PAGs show.

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