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Again that's funny just because i think ryan reynolds is charming and it is fun that he can make fun of himself i think that's great but i don't know didn't he marry a lantis morrissett a while back i don't know if they were married but they were together for a long time dated atlanta she dated scarlett johansson and who is now blake blake lively they got a couple of kids couple cut damn that dig so i guess how long do you guys think until in the mainstream meta becomes trite do you think i mean i think it kinda did happen like i think that twenty already they're pretty much i mean twenty two jump street i think people were like okay this went too far in this one i think it still works because ryan reynolds is great but what do you guys think is it is i mean i don't even like in rick and morty when they do the meta jokes what do you mean because you were pretty clear that like you wanted to make sure that in cabin in the woods there was a difference between like like piss takes of yourself and then met us what do you what do you mean by meta here yeah good point all right so i guess i mean just yeah just incessantly breaking the fourth wall or i don't even like there's some jokes in this like the whole dub step joke i don't even understand what that joke is like do they still have dub step note dub step is for postseason than they are playing dub style because they were saying that it was dc film dc the dc movies head up step in them oh i didn't catch that yeah it was the first before the first time he fights cable i think that's when they they queued the dub step thing because he made that comment yeah i thought it was because dub step is in the like in the future cable knows about dub step and all the people that know about that listen to doug seven the future sees a little bit so i took it.

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