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A buffalo Bruins without Torey Krug injuries are up our body and shine McEvoy also injured against Washington from the NHL department of player safety the patriots appearing for Sunday Miami here much on the line a bye week a home playoff game the defense is ready strong safety Duron Harmon without a doubt and I think that's a great thing about being on this team and we've got a lot of veteran guys on who's played a lot of football and we know how specialist we can be we're not gonna let anybody suffers from continue to improve much more from the pages Brady Belichick it's all on Twitter a time Cuddy sports on the New Orleans Saints worked out that not job in Tony brown this morning Tom Cody WBZ Boston's news radio three thirteen time for traffic and weather together the simple retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and David Struff Lino downtown astro drives really messy it is the cold storage ivy's Bon tied up from Kenmore square through leverage circle in that delay continues on to the lever connector outbound heavy and slow getting by the exit to the Tobin bridge en route one inbound liver connector is locked up but just about end to end not terrible for the lower deck of ninety three actually that's fine on to this a Cambridge than just slightly reduced speeds from there into the Neil title on the expressway north bound pockets of congestion Squantum street to mass out then the heavy and slow getting into the Neil total that's a twenty five minute ride from Braintree to Boston then on the other side ninety three north slow volume through Somerville from just about the upper deck through Medford and then getting by the exit to one twenty eight north it's a twenty five minute ride from his they can bridge to one twenty eight and then pockets of congestion between route sixty two and dascom route one twenty eight north reduced speeds through off them in Lexington and then slow route thirty eight to north have David struck Pelino WBZ traffic on the three is moderate ares looking okay right now but it doesn't mean we couldn't seem to be another couple of a stray showers as we make our way through the ride home tonight otherwise just wanna clouds out there we have a high today fifty one in Boston forty center north west of four ninety five per night plus continue with a loner forty but then everything clears out tomorrow beautiful day sunny skies I just about fifty a good day to get outside so Sunday it starts off as sunny but then the clouds moving pretty quickly through the afternoon with a high in the mid forties and then on Sunday night we have our next winter storm coming in and it's gonna stick around for the Monday commute this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop over cast right now in Boston at fifty degrees good afternoon I'm Nicole Davis thanks for being with us the five things you need to know what three fifteen on mansion from the eighteen nineties is still burning this hour in Concord will have details on second charges this afternoon for rain a woman involved in a crash last night that left a woman seriously hurt and killed the woman stock one person was killed in the crash this morning on route forty four in Rehoboth and the T. says you.

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