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Uber or lift accident if you're injured, call 84476700008447670000 No win. No fee. Goldschmidt Vittoriano into noodle offer. It's the stuff, never ranging roller coaster ride with the left. People are talking about promise everything they deliver nothing. Use talking 20. W v. A p w b a p dot com Yeah. So please get vaccinated now. It works. It's free. It's never been easier, and it's never been more important. Why? I think I'm getting played when he's talking to me. I have never heard Walter Biden sounds sincere. He always sounds like he's trying to play me. Like, Yeah, but but a team of interns worked tirelessly through the night drinking coffee sleeves rolled up, hunkered around, you know, buzz words that get attention of the American people. And then he stumbles out around noon, gets his three by five cards and reads them off a teleprompter. It. Just I I hate to sound so cynical, but I'm not buying this. I'm not buying this for a minute. This. We're going to come door to door to help you get vaccinated. A year. Woman. I I don't believe that and I don't expect the American people to believe that. Kelly and Waco. Kelly. How are you? Yes, sir. I'm great. I'm glad to have you back, Rick. Thank you very much. Good to be back. The last caller. It inspired me to call because I am a teacher and I have not had the vaccine. Nor has my husband. Nor has my son who was 26 years old. But our 21 year old daughter is that a and M and she got it. And I'm like, girl. You don't know what the ramifications of this vaccine is. Don't touch it. So you advise your kids not to get it. This hurt. Yeah. See to me there's if you were to ask me, Rick. Is it safe? I don't know. Is it not say I I don't know. I mean, You know, I'm I deal with my own personal issues. I take my health cues from my cardiologist and cardiac surgeon. I don't take it from somebody in politics because their their priority is politics. My priority is staying on this side of the grass, so I don't know whether it's safe or whether it's not. I've never had a flu shot in my life and I've never had the flu and I'm 57 years old. Wow. Hey, let's hope it stays that way. Best of health to you, Kelly. I appreciate it. Um, good call When we come back, we'll take your calls. 1 800 to 88 w B A p 1 802 889227 Bill. Play Walter telling us he's going to come door to door again. Go ahead. Now we need to go to community.

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