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Welcome back. Mouna anxiety is a part of life. All of us have anxious mines at times and motherhood seems to be a perfect fertile breeding ground. Frank zaidi the so many of us. We worry about our children. It's normal but win that anxiety begins to take over and seep into other parts of our life ruling the way we think then. That's when we need to do something about it. I really wanted to speak with dr. Jody richardson on the podcast. For all of you this week jodi as she so bravely shares has had anxiety herself since she was forty years old. she's also on mama and has spent her career looking into it understanding it and learning how to turn it into a strength because anxiety happens. It's what we do with it and what we choose to do next. That is the most important. I loved these interview because it just reminded me again that within our struggles within those emotions that we don't know how to deal with with the things that our mind and our body is telling us as an opportunity to heal redefine it realize that you stronger than ever and become the woman you really want to be. And the momma. Your children need you to be at the end of this interview. I.

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