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This is the mid east peace todd cast i am your host molly livingstone and on today's show we have the prestigious doctor matthew levitt he is the frommer wexler fellow and director at the stein program on counterterrorism and intelligence at the washington institute for near east policy the longer your title the more important you are is that true matt or sorry doctor levin go jim i gotta yash jesus christ kipling just called me matt i felt so short wrong ashdown now we're talking about castration and there's nowhere to go there's nowhere to go is it true do you feel that you need to be wrapped by your title in order to feel that you are a significant player in counterterrorism no but i'll tell you what really does make people fill special specially when they're in government and i've been in annetta government is how many badges you're wearing around your neck like how much access you have to to classified facilities that's like that's like a status because i heard vaj is which is very different than badges and in this day of me too that could work but okay okay judging you i'm just going to judge you i actually am judging you because when i think of what you're doing and the research must do every single day and all the jobs and titles that you've had and what your career future holds i wonder to myself who decides to go into this field who wants to counter terrorism every day and research it and learn all the scary shitty things about this world so why do you do it you don't get it it's not a factor too i get it but i also used to have that feeling of i wanted to do it i studied journalism i went to school in boston during nine eleven where the terrorist came out of my became very infatuated with it but i saw that obsession i saw what happened to daniel pearl who got his head chopped off for that same obsession and wanting to find truth or terror whatever and i was like i'm good although i moved to the middle east so that stupid but why do you do it when did you decide yes this is what i wanna do an everyday make that same decision over and over again so i also school boston and susan there i think it might be something about becoming a red sox fan brings out the wild and crazy okay so now amp blame it on boston blame nothing boston's fabulous gerrad socks we'll beat the nationals last night we're going to begin to look the bottom line is i started my graduate school in very early nineteen ninety s at the height of the beginning of the peace process and at a period in time where terrorism's just beginning modern tourism let's call it was really just beginning to take off and it seemed to me at the time that i really wanted to go into international peace negotiations immediate action may become the next dennis ross who's now a colleague of mine here at the washington institute and as i did my phd which was really about negotiation theory in the context of the israeli palestinian conflict negotiation process that in both jewish extremist terrorist attacks get clear to me that if you really wanted there.

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