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Kirk came in and ultimately became a guy that you feel comfortable franchising that led a team to the playoffs otheir was a really good player turn out to be better player than robert from the third like you can take sam darnold at one and this is a team that has fifty five picks in this draft take luke falk in the fourth round hell even at the end of the third round just as a backup plan just says the guy you're not necessarily looking just to flip right away but so if a guy gets injured you have another guy to develop another guy to work with to me that that's not crazy at all to me that is the move i would do that if obviously it would have to match up the value would have to be right the player you'd have to be comfortable with but i think there are multiple quarterbacks in this draft that you could kinda circle in the third or fourth round especially a team like the browns if they just had a pic every round i would go i don't love it i don't know if i'd necessarily try to force that but do how many picks they have they have multiple big and the five see you get in to players before the fifth overall pick even happens in the draft you obviously your quarterback but then you're going to get whether it saquon barkley whether it's bradley job whether it's dedza ward at number four and then you have the thirty third overall pick so you're going to get another sweep player that's where the browns have huge advantage to take advantage of the situation to me ron woolfe mike holmgren andy reid i think they would take another quarterback in this draft to kinda groom behind the guy as potential trade bait as potential a contingency plan if something goes poorly and i think you have to you would love for the guy to be a great player and i'm bullish on sam darnold does anyone probably besides same donald parents but we've seen the way the nfl plays out the way guys flame out injuries happen it's not crazy and then if he does turn into a good player and you've groomed and develop the backup just looking like a solid guy you'll be.

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