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What I want on your business card hello hello I'm not know of a joke act what was that elephant doing on the freeway about five miles an hour it all what this person say when he sees a herd of elephants in the distance look a herd of elephants in the distance so what's the difference between a herd of elephants and a bunch of grapes what rapes are purple other terrible all right sports weather traffic so I don't have any sports there's zero sports there was WrestleMania all weekend that's not a sport some people think it's a sport weather rain and possibly thunderstorms today high of sixty four traffic we have lane restrictions on east bound to two oh one freeway left lane is blocked about a half mile before fifty six hundred west exit only one right lane is open and traffic is backed up to about eighty of west folks in cache county you're dealing with rain showers and wet roads but no accidents to deal with so far this morning yeah I just want to remind you of a new freeway configuration in Davis county one left lane of southbound I. fifteen is shifted over to the northbound side of travel if you need to exit between six fifty north and seventh south in Clearfield just stay to the right strong V. W. home of the lifetime warranty and the new Jennifer one for twelve nine that's traffic but here here's the elephant joke I remember best from when I was a kid it's it's two jokes in one why do ducks have webbed feet to stamp out forest.

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