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Dough up in. The air one, hundred feet this Bo Jackson I'm? Up I was gonna. Guess fifteen feet well okay so producer Mike what's what's. The, answer to give you a parameter I. For. The record it has to be a. Twenty ounce base? Of dough yeah I don't think there's not much but okay so I'm still. Sticking with. Fifteen, feet what is. It the correct. Answer. Set by Joe Carlucci in two thousand? Six, twenty one feet five inches wow. Twenty one feet that's pretty good yeah what did you say Mike mccready play well that's. Pretty still today You throw anything. One hundred. Feet, up in the. Air like could. You. Throw baseball one hundred feet up in? The, air that's not easy No less I was a? Superhero or something Take today drugs? Or something. To get up to that point Yeah the second they would ask. You real quick and your bait about. The self driving cars now there's still debate about. That now I would like to have a self driving. Car let me tell you what my friend says, it were they say they have people. And when my says but people drive cars hit people too so I was still like they have the self driving cars. And I would purchase what's so he don't use his argument I'm gonna chase some funny, last night broke, with those joke about going into. Boxer rain real good boxer but here's what they were saying I, go up box, and here's where they go a bit their here's their bet which is unfair to me They, say the only way they Oh Got to kill me as. Well that all sounds. Fair anything that me out as long as I get move that I went to, money but they don't sound. Fair there's people that you know that want to take you into a ring in literally fight you to the. Data Yeah Joke is a. Joke Bet there's. A they, their joke they say day box if they botched the only way they way you. Got to kill me but as long as I, if I get up I. Win. The big money yes so that's. Not a fair range but if, they were laughing up, there, was funny on boy you've got some great friends that want to take. Your. Door ringing kill you Joe I know I have a great, weekend. Mike bye. Bye all. Right so we have something. New we've learned about Mike calls in is that his friends, say we'll put money down that we can kill you in the. Ring this is like, style except they normally cut it off before someone, dies but I can see Mansion Mike if, I went up to you and said hey let's, fight to the death So someone through. Pizza up in the year twenty one feet that's pretty good forget about the metric system you. Know what today in history as the, Apollo eleven moon landing sixty of nineteen sixty nine so. Forty nine year anniversary Neil Armstrong Buzz? Aldrin setting foot on the moon pretty remarkable. Time can you see the moon right now I can't? Really see it from our studios can you, look, out the window is visible God bless America you know I? See this pop up basically on his anniversary whenever we're celebrating. It but I this is actually pretty, funny you'll probably see this all over your feet there are two kinds of countries those who use, the metric system and those who have landed on the moon God bless America can't believe already that we're at the point forty nine year anniversary of landing, on the moon do you remember where you were, when that happened that. Was a moment that I wish I could have experienced, it was way before my time way but I would love to, witness it again. In maybe one. Day will witness someone walking. On Mars and we'll have that exact same moment where we can witness that sort of thing. That all the curiosity of the people, and watching all across the globe they broadcasted that not. Necessarily what I found now it's kind? Of interesting the conspiracy theorist don't believe we've. Been to the moon but what ended up Happening was you know. From the, moon they're transmitting this signal and multiple countries were picking this up it. Wasn't like, NASA was exclusively by picking. Up the signal and then redistributing the feed..

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