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Who and welcome the passion project continues name is remedy robinson and this. This is an appreciation. This is an exploration of linguistics language and the central art of espionage by the peerless poetry of the modern day. Master elvis costello. Today's slow drag with chewing gum from spike released in nineteen eighty nine. The songwriting is credited to elvis. Costello's birth name to say it's a piece of sheer imagination seems to undermine the notion of creativity every piece is certainly wrought from a place of expansive fancy chewing gum combines a casual observation with a distressing piece of trivia to present. The fictional story of a culture clash over the meaning of love and romance. The result is a harrowing if not comical tale of conspicuous consumption in the underbelly of humanity in a word it's a gas with their cardboard hands. Mothers sides is a naked man and lady and their yaris to cut up and keep in. You can dress them up. Maybe they don't know who they are or who they're supposed to be. You can make them happier sad or assume their identity notice that all that has transpired. So far in this piece equals a blank canvas of white piece of paper in which to create a story on or punched out pieces of interlocking cardboard ready to be formed into the shape. You want. This is less of an introduction than it is a list of supplies. These first four lines are unique. Among the succeeding versus in this piece there glued together with fairly rare structure for mr castello in a a meter of lady maybe be and identity and while the use of the word lady certainly fits the rhyme and the narrative of this piece. It's interesting to note that it's not a word that's used at least to my knowledge and any of his previous pieces. I think of party girl of course and girls talk this spring to mind. As does a woman wouldn't understand it from port fractured atlas. And why can't a woman be. Just what she seems from. Why can't a man stand alone. So if there is a lady hiding in any of his Please let me know so here. They are in the departure lounge. It's the gateway to the east cheese. Just another mail order bride. She doesn't know he's a kinky based now he gives her a pitcher of maradonna child. She wants to roll rock as he spills beer for her. Bumps and grinds repeats bankok. Alright so now. The story starts to take shape here. In this international terminal of our imagination the concoction of time and place nestles among the business of finding love. There's a building in china. That's called the gate to the east. It's a twin tower that meets up at the top giving it the moniker of the pants building. It was completed in twenty sixteen so was probably not the inspiration for this reference nevertheless here east-meets-west she might be a mail order bride and new to the game but really do any of us know kinky beast when we first is on them. Everything else in this verse goes about as well as their introduction. The first wonderfully lost in translation. Moment of this. I act comes courtesy of the madonna and child replacing the virgin mary. Or even the pop singer with maradona diego armando maradona was the argentine firecracker who went on to be one of the best soccer players in the world. He passed away in november. Twenty twenty at the age of sixty. We all have our own religion. It seems next the bastardising of the term rock and roll with a clever switch. That serves the rhyming pair. Well this helps drive home. The point that the lingua franca of their exchange is not words but motions originally coined to describe the movement of ship at sea. The term rock and roll would soon evolve into more connotation throughout the early part of the twentieth century. It wasn't until according to some accounts. Nineteen fifty one in ohio. Usa when dj alan freed began using the term to describe a genre of music and finally in this verse as he spills is beer over. Her provides a few details that didn't need. Further elaboration either vertical or horizontal. The man looms large over the lady. An example of the inequity that infuses their relationship perhaps rock and roll bump and grind. this could be considered. Relatively harmless dance moves. But that's not. What many might be thinking and to end the verse with a hama phone. Alibi is brilliant. There is a chance however slim that the man really is loud and the treasures of thailand's capital city and therefore sidestepping any other. Perceived vulgar suggestions. But then again. that's not what many might be thinking. There must be something that is better than this. It starts with a slab and ends with a kiss begins with you. Bawling fans have been tears own. Little one take that chewing gum out of your ears. This cores deftly captures the poor sequencing of events that might accompany a mail ordered shotgun type situation the slap for the kids denoting no honeymoon period. And if you use the homophones rather than the synonym than the bumping and grinding sex or balling the a l l i n g comes first and only leads to tears or if you described a synonym of crying be a w l i n g that turns into tears then it begins with too much emotion that eventually trickles out. The chorus is repeated three times throughout the piece encouraging the listener to find as many meanings as they care too she might as well be in the jungle to might as well be on the moon. He's away on a business trip in dusseldorf and she's becoming immune to the lack of glamour endanger in the west german city. Today the nearest she comes to the dynasty life..

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